One University. A World of Options.

See for yourself why we’re called Alliant International University: explore our global network of campus locations. The programs we run and institutions we partner with abroad offer you an additional opportunity to sharpen your competitive edge for today’s globalized economy. When you choose to pursue your education with Alliant, you gain:

  • Cultural immersion for enhanced interpersonal and foreign language skills
  • First-hand experience of the impact culture, politics, and economics have on issues in your field of study
  • Cross-cultural collaboration skills for research projects and program development
  • An even broader network of personal and professional contacts, ensuring you have a world of options after graduation

Learn more about our international campuses in Mexico and Asia below.

St. Luke’s Medical School – Mexico City

St. Luke Medical School of Alliant International University, opening August 2015, offers comprehensive training for doctors and surgeons who can meet the increasingly complex demands of modern health care delivery. Accredited by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), St. Luke’s offers you educational exchanges in the U.S. and Mexico, international residency opportunities, and the chance to take part in collaborative research with other institutions.
Learn more about St. Luke’s.

Alliant in Tokyo

When you attend Alliant in Tokyo, you study with one of only two American-accredited institutions operating in Japan. Our Tokyo campus focuses on a unique master’s in clinical psychology that integrates US and Eastern psychiatric models, teaching you culturally appropriate techniques for working with Japanese patients. This program is taught in Japanese.
Learn more about Alliant’s campus in Tokyo.

Alliant Hong Kong

Alliant’s Hong Kong campus offers a culturally enhanced version of our doctorate in clinical psychology program designed to meet the needs of local patients. This model, which features an integration of Western and Asian psychological theory, can establish you as a specialist cross-cultural practitioner.
Learn more about Alliant’s campus in Hong Kong.