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Programs in Educational Leadership and Management | TESOL | CTEL/CLAD Authorization | School Psychology and Counseling

Ashley Carter, MS
Director of Recruitment and Student Services
(858) 635-4442

Programs in Teacher Education and Credentialing (including Autism Spectrum Disorders Added Authorization)

Kendra Dunn
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
(415) 955-2087

Credentialing Office (Current students and alumni only)

For Credentialing information on Teacher Education Credentials, Administrative Services Credentials, PPS Credentials and CTEL/CLAD Authorizations

Lisa Delmar-Edmonds
Systemwide Credentials Analyst
(949) 812-7444

Media Inquiries | Marketing and Public Relations Requests

Stephen McKinney
Director of Communications and Media
(415) 955-2069

Faculty and Staff Listings

Click here for faculty and staff listings