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Alliant Faculty Margaret Sedor Named as National Association of School Psychologists Delegate



"It is impossible to put into words how great my classes are going. The kids are rising to challenges that they never thought possible, they love being in my class and are doing really great work. I love getting up in the morning and coming to work! These kids amaze me every single day... I would like to thank each of you personally for shaping me into the teacher that I am!"

George Brandley - Green Dot Public Schools

Los Angeles CA Teacher Class of 2008

 Teacher with Students

About the Hufstedler School of Education


The theoretical, ethical and scientific foundations that underlie offerings of the Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University are summed up by three key documents:

  • Our mission statement
  • Our conceptual framework
  • The SANKOFA Initiatives, which govern our School's philosophy


The Hufstedler School of Education prepares competent, confident and conscientious educational leaders to promote and empower personal growth, academic success and professional achievement for all in a global society. We accomplish this by offering our candidates exceptional preparation centered on multidisciplinary and holistic approaches to education.


The conceptual framework for our educational programs is grounded in three theoretical and practical foundations:

  • Constructivist theory (particularly the works of Searle, 1998; Bruner, 1990; and Vygotsky, 1978) that views learners as conscious agents whose background, prior knowledge and dispositions greatly contribute to the learning process
  • Our affirmation, support of and commitment to engaging with issues of diversity, both domestic and international
  • A framework of neuropsychological research (especially the work of Luria, 1969; Gardner, 1999 and Sternberg, 2000) that address:
    • Intelligence
    • Problem solving and conceptualization
    • Planning and organization
    • Academic skills
    • Memory and cognition
    • Language
    • Emotions
    • Behavior and personality
    • Special needs
    • Critical thinking


We follow the SANKOFA Initiatives and implement their conceptual foundations as the basis for all teaching and action in the Hufstedler School of Education. SANKOFA is derived from a proverb of the Akan people of Ghana. The words San (return), Ko (go), and Fa (look, seek, take) imply that an intelligent and patient quest for future knowledge and goals is informed by a critical examination of the wisdom of the past. It's foundations include the following:

  • Stimulate intellectual vitality, create new knowledge and engender passion for the education profession
  • Achieve international recognition in the field of education for our teaching, research and community outreach
  • Network authentic partnerships through the Partners of Success model that will enhance the mutual well-being of candidates, faculty and staffing of our Learning Communities
  • Keep and perpetuate legacies of excellence as shared by a stakeholder coalition of alumni, faculty, candidates, administrators, Alliant board members and friends of the Hufstedler School of Education
  • Offer students a world-class education that prepares them to establish a global community of learners and education specialists who advance society worldwide
  • Facilitate an inclusive, creative, technologically sophisticated and materially supportive environment in which to prosper, work, recruit, mentor and study
  • Appreciate, celebrate and promote accomplishments and contributions from our Hufstedler School of Education scholars and a diverse cadre of educational leaders


All Hufstedler School of Education credential programs are approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Alliant International University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).