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Hospitality Bachelor’s Degree

Become a professional in the field of service.


Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management, Online, and in California

A bachelor’s degree provides a foundation of experience, knowledge, and skills, so it’s important to choose the program and university that best meets your goals. In this bachelor’s program in hospitality management, you’ll gain hands-on experience, learn about different career paths, and be introduced to different areas of study that will help with your future career.

The bachelor in hospitality management program takes you on an intensive and innovative degree path that is grounded in hotel management, leadership, operations, and entrepreneurship. Throughout your courses, the Vatel Institute of Hospitality Management at Alliant prepares you to become a hospitality industry leader by providing practical experience in the hospitality industry while building a solid academic foundation in the principles of business. 

A bachelor degree in hospitality management will help prepare you for not just your chosen career, but also for the challenges, situations, and opportunities that await you as a professional. If you're ready to earn your degree and pursue your career goals, we’re here to help.

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The Alliant Choice

In Alliant bachelor’s degree programs, you’ll learn from some of the nation’s most reputable experts, many of whom are actively practicing in their professions in addition to teaching. By studying under their guidance, you’ll benefit from their real-world experience while gaining the knowledge that you need to confidently step into your future, whether that includes graduate school or a career.

San Diego undergraduate degree programs allow you to pursue your educational goals in whatever way fits best with your life. Our undergraduate degrees in business administration and hospitality management allow you to move forward in a meaningful career or pursue further education that advances you in your field.

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Whether you choose to take an in-person or online master's program, you'll learn from experienced faculty that encourage you to reach your academic and personal goals. 

Beyond the academics at our bachelor’s degree university, you’ll find an ethos at Alliant that is welcoming and promotes diversity. This brings with it not only an atmosphere of acceptance, but one that allows you to learn from other perspectives and cultures, translating your academic experience into human growth and a better understanding of your peers. 

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