Nahoko Nishizawa

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Nahoko Nishizawa |
Program Coordinator, CSPP-Japan

California School of Professional Psychology
Certificate in Clinical Psychology, Doctoral Respecialization
Personal Interests
Professional Interests
Child and Family, Culture, Disability, Trauma, Child Abuse and Prevention

Nahoko Nishizawa, Psy.D is an Associate Professor and Program Director of California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) Japan Master's Program. She is a California State Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She received her Psy.D. degree from CSPP in Alameda. Following the earthquake and nuclear plant accident in Japan in 2011, she founded an organization of "Japan-US parent child support network" in Japan, and has coordinated international collaboration to support families affected by the disaster, which led to a cultural adaption project of ACT Raising Safe Kids Program which was developed by violence prevention office in American Psychological Association. She has implemented the program and conducted research projects internationally. She also serves as a clinical supervisor at Through the Looking Glass, a non-profit organization supporting families with disability and providing child and family mental health in Berkeley, California.

PsyD, California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco, 2004

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