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michael loewy

Michael I Loewy, PhD, is associate professor in the San Francisco PhD clinical psychology program. He joined the program in 2009 as program director and served in that capacity for 6 years. In 2018, Dr. Loewy reduced to half time and continues to mentor students in research from the first year in the program through his research seminar and then working with each student independently from beginning to completion of their dissertation. In addition, he teaches an elective in the summer session on Health At Every Size.

Before coming to CSPP, Dr. Loewy taught multicultural counseling at San Diego State University (1995-2001); counseling psychology at University of Missouri (2001-2002); and then went to University of North Dakota where he served as program director of the doctoral program in counseling psychology and then chair of the department of Counseling and Community Services (2002-2009).

Dr. Loewy was born in 1952 and raised in Los Angeles, then earned his BA in sociology from UNLV(1987) before moving to Santa Barbara for graduate study in counseling psychology (PhD, 1994).

Professional Interests

Social justice in psychology and psychotherapy; multicultural competence; Health at Every Size; LGBTQIA issues; impact of social privilege and oppression, especially as regards to body size, physical appearance, sexual orientation, race, gender, gender expression, religion, age, and social class

Education and Certifications
  • Ph.D. - Counseling Psychology, APA Accredited.
  • M.A. - Counseling Psychology
  • B.A. - Sociology




"The Counseling Psychologist Major Contribution of the Year" for: Counseling Psychology Model Training Values Statement Addressing Diversity. Awarded by The Society of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association, San Diego, CA.



"Issues in Higher Education." One of six people chosen to participate in this annual program designed to prepare faculty for administrative roles in the academy.



"Community Foundation Award" and "Congressional Recognition" for outstanding service to the Southern Nevada Community. Presented by the U.S. Congress for being one of the 25 most influential leaders of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender communities in the history of Southern Nevada.



"High Flyer Award" for excellence in teaching. Presented by the College of Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia for teaching evaluations of higher than a 4.8 on a 5 point scale.

Health at Every Size / Body Image Issues, PhD Research Seminar: Social Justice in Psychology
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field

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