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Gary Rosenberg
Alliant Faculty Member

Gary A. Rosenberg is the President of the Law Offices Of Gary A. Rosenberg, A Professional Corporation, and has more than forty years of experience in consumer and business litigation, cyberbullying and identity theft law, personal and family law, credit, financial, business and insurance and subrogation law.  Mr. Rosenberg is a frequent writer and lecturer on law for national and international concerns, as well as professional organizations and law schools.  In addition, Mr. Rosenberg has been actively involved in legislative lobbying efforts related to the concerns of the Creditor industry, including legislation related to Bankruptcy reform and Fair Debt Collection Practices.

The Law Offices Of Gary A. Rosenberg, A Professional Corporation is a full service law firm, offering sophisticated counsel and nationwide litigation management to a wide range of institutional, business and governmental clients.  The Firm has previously served as the United States Foreign Legal Agent for the Government of Canada and the Attorney General of Canada for its litigation throughout the United States, and has also been responsible for the nationwide management of litigation for institutions such as Highlands Premier Acceptance Corporation and Southwest Student Services.  The Firm has served as local counsel for the Attorney General of Georgia, Navy Federal Credit Union, Bank One, Citi Bank, and has been instrumental in the formation of, consultation to and multi-state litigation management to numerous credit organizations, including Harley-Davidson Credit. The Firm is also actively involved in providing subrogation litigation services to the insurance industry throughout California and for clients such as State Farm Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, California Casualty, Markel Insurance, etc.

Scholarship and Contributions to the Field

A Simple Guide To IDENTITY THEFT: How to Prevent, Discover, Stop And Recover


A Parent's Guide To Cyberbullying - Harassment In The Modern Age: Understand it, Deal With It