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Dr. Jung

Eunie Jung, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Program Director of the APA-accredited Clinical Psychology PsyD Program on the Sacramento Campus. She received her doctorate in 2007 from the University of California at Los Angeles and completed her internship and post-doctoral training at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. After licensure, Dr. Jung spent much of her clinical career in the VA Health Care System utilizing evidence-based psychotherapies, with a specialization in the treatment of PTSD and other trauma disorders. During her over 10 years in the VA system, Dr. Jung worked in a variety of settings ranging from the PTSD clinic and Primary Care- Mental Health Integration, to the Epilepsy Center of Excellence and Community Based Outpatient Clinics. While at the VA, Dr. Jung also was VA National MI Trainer and Mentor.

In addition to her expertise in evidence-based psychotherapies, Dr. Jung has focused much of her career on teaching and training in multicultural and diversity issues. She served as the Diversity Chair at the San Francisco, Durham, and Sacramento VA Medical Centers, and currently teaches the Cultural Diversity Trainings course series on the Sacramento campus. 

Dr. Jung’s research interests include psychotherapy process and outcomes, diversity and multicultural issues, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and anxiety and trauma disorders.

Professional Interests

Anxiety and trauma disorders; Multicultural and diversity issues; Third Wave therapies; Treatment process and outcomes; Psychodynamic psychotherapy; Integrated Care

Education and Certifications


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles



Master of Arts in Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles



Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude, University of California, Berkeley

Intro to Psychotherapy
Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Third wave therapies
Integrated care
Trauma disorders
Cultural diversity training
Preparing for Practicum
Short-Term Psychotherapies
Practicum group supervision
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Scholarship and Contributions to the Field

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