Danielle Kaplan

Danielle Kaplan | Associate Professor

  • California School of Education

  • Teacher Education
  • San Francisco Beach St Campus

Research Interests

Learning, Instruction, Technology, Media, Ecology


Dr. Danielle Kaplan is an educator, researcher, inventor, discoverer,
and designer. She was a Spencer Fellow and earned a Ph.D. in Cognition
and Learning and Intelligent Technologies, and Ed.M., M.A., and M.Phil.
degrees in Education and Instructional Technology, from Teachers
College, Columbia University, an M.E.S. from Yale University School of
Forestry and Environmental Studies, and a B.F.A. from Tisch School of
the Arts, New York University. Dr. Kaplan has been the Chair and
Program Director of two Teacher Education Programs at two Universities,
Patten and Alliant International University. Dr. Kaplan was a professor
of Technology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University in
the Programs in Communications, Computing and Technology in the
Department of Math, Science and Technology, and Cognition and Learning
in Human Development. She was also an Associate at the Institute for
Learning Technologies, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, The Center for
Educational Outreach, and The Distance Learning Center, at Columbia
University, and a Senior Analyst/researcher at University of California
National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student
Testing. She was a guest lecturer at The University of Vienna, Austria
in Psychological Diagnostics. Prior to this, she worked as a producer
of educational software and an ecosystem ecology researcher and
educator. Dr. Kaplan's courses have included online and face to face
versions for doctoral students, masters students, and summer intensive
masters students of Instructional Design of Educational Technology,
Cognition and Learning, Television and the Development of Youth,
Technology and Development, Educational Technology Research,
Doctoral/Masters Research practicum, Technology and the Curriculum,
Critical Thinking, and seminars in Geographic Information Systems,
Gaming, Squeak, and Robotics in Education. She has supported several
hundred masters and doctoral students and participated in numerous
theses and communal grants. Her work is in the application of
cognition, research, and technology in instruction, learning, invention,
evaluation, design, and development. Her research has focused in areas
such as designs for the development of invention, complex thinking
about systems, research learning, model construction in development,
spatial reasoning, online education, technology and schools, embedded
research in practice and design, media and entertainment in education,
open educational technology, and social networking in education. She
has worked with numerous schools, K-12, college and graduate level,
public and private, as a researcher, and technology/media literacy
consultant. In addition, she has worked with with technology,
entertainment, and government institutions and founded a designer
handbag company based in acrylic arts.

Alliant International University