CSPP Research – Publications Spotlight

Yvette Malamud Ozer, a student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program, co-authored the book, Encyclopedia of Emotion (2010), with Gretchen M. Reevy.

Drawing on both contemporary and classic research, Encyclopedia of Emotion offers 367 alphabetically organized entries on a broad range of topics, including neurological foundations of emotional function; competing theories of emotion; multicultural perspectives on emotions; emotional disorders, their diagnosis and treatment; and profiles of important organizations and key figures who have shaped our understanding of how and why we feel the way we do. Commended as a comprehensive resource that bridges the divide between basic and applied science, gathering together both theoretical and clinical perspectives, this 2-volume publication provides accessible information about common terms from a unique multidisciplinary perspective.

Yvette’s professional work also blends both theoretical and clinical perspectives. She is editor and co-author of A Student Guide to Health, a 5-volume reference set on health and wellness for high school students scheduled for publication in June 2012. She has presented her research at professional association meetings and published an article in the Journal of Ethnic Studies. Having earned a Master’s degree in clinical child/school psychology before joining the Clinical PhD program at CSPP, Yvette has a range of experience in middle and elementary schools.

Yvette’s experience as a second-year Clinical PhD student in San Francisco includes a dual focus on practical training and research experience. Her clinical psychology practicum this year is in neuropsychological assessment at Alameda County Medical Center (Highland Hospital). She is also completing work on her first research project, looking into multicultural aspects of neuropsychological assessment of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Of her project, Yvette says, “I hope to develop a model of culturally appropriate neuropsych assessment with this population that will generalize across disciplines/specialties and to other populations. My goal is to move toward guidelines or standards in professional training and practice to improve multicultural competency of neuropsychological assessment.”

Amid her busy life as an author, editor, and doctoral student, Yvette enjoys spending time with her family and playing viola in Prometheus Symphony Orchestra in Oakland.