Dr. Noah Hass-Cohen, Associate Professor and Site Director at the California School of Professional Psychology’s Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) Program in Los Angeles, joined the CSPP CFT faculty in 2010. She teaches marriage family therapy theories, research methods, assessment, and crisis and trauma. A practicing marriage family therapist, clinical psychologist and art therapist, Dr. Hass-Cohen has developed a theoretical model for art psychotherapy. In her publications, and national and international presentations, she explores the advantages of therapeutic art making from an interpersonal neurobiology perspective. She highlights how sensory expressive practices can provide solid opportunities for softening relationships increasing empathy, mending attachments and repairing autobiographical memories.

In 2011, Dr. Hass-Cohen was invited to guest lecture at the Department of Expressive Arts Therapy at Seoul Women’s University’s 8th International Arts Therapies Workshop. There she provided a four-day course on stress, trauma and art psychotherapy. Her teaching was based on her publication, Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience, which has been recently translated into Korean. “As part of my visit, I traveled to the South and North Korean border, where I learned about the devastating aftermath of the Korean War on family relationships,” said Dr. Hass-Cohen. “As I met and discussed art therapy practices with the Korean doctoral students, our conversation included community art based interventions for North Korean refuges.”

Subsequent to her visit, she is collaborating on a research study on the cultural correlates of interpersonal touch with colleagues, Dr. Kim from the Department of Expressive Arts Therapy at Seoul Women’s University and Dr. Brown, from the CSPP CFT program in Irvine. Dr. Hass-Cohen has been invited to present an all day pre-conference workshop in July 2012 for the prestigious American Art Therapy Association’s National Conference, where in 2001 she presented the opening plenary.