Dr. Joan Pastor graduated from the CSPP Dual Clinical/Industrial-Organizational Psychology program in 2003. Prior to her time at CSPP, she earned her BA at the University of Michigan in Religious Studies and dual MA degrees at Temple University in Religious Studies and Psychology.

Today Dr. Pastor is the CEO and Founding Partner of JPA International and is a licensed industrial-organizational and clinical psychologist who provides keynote, training and consultation services to numerous national and international organizations and associations. Clients such as Pepsi, Bank of America, the Department of Defense, the Singapore Stock Exchange and others bring her back again and again to assist them in such areas as management and executive development, building infrastructure, streamlining business processes, implementing high performing teams, negotiating and resolving conflicts and to assist with violence and crime in the workplace. At one of her seminars, Positive Conflict Resolution Skills for Couples, someone came up to Dr. Pastor saying resolving conflicts would be good for his employees, and she then did a presentation at his company, which was her first foray into Industrial-Organizational Psychology. After four years of practicing in Philadelphia, Dr. Pastor sold her practice and the APA told her at the time she was one of the first people in the world to actually sell their psychology practice. She moved to San Diego in 1983, where she built a thriving international consulting, coaching, training and clinical-practice firm. In 1995, she chose CSPP over many other schools because of the unique Dual Clinical/Industrial-Organizational Psychology program and defended in 2003. Dr. Pastor worked full time while she attended CSPP, applying the information she was learning to new consulting assignments.

Dr. Pastor is also a Partner at The Healthy Brain and Body Centre of Beverly Hills, and takes a Jungian- and Gestalt-oriented approach to her psychotherapy. She also does a great deal of psychological and vocational assessment and coaching work. The focus of her clinical and coaching practice is on the entertainment industry and corporate business professionals.

When asked “How did your experience at CSPP prepare you for your career?” Dr. Pastor responded:

“I received an excellent education. It gave me the foundation as well as practical information for working in the clinical and corporate worlds.  It also opened new doors for me; I was already established in business when I came back to get my doctorate, but I now work in arenas I never thought I would be involved in due to my advanced education.  I also made a number of friendships that are important to me to this day, including many professors in the program.”

Dr. Pastor has two books in progress. She is currently writing a book for the “Dummies” series, which is due out in 2013, and after that she will publish The White Collar Criminal Revealed: The Psychology Behind Fraud, Unethical Behavior and White Collar Crime, which incorporates the new DSM-V criteria.

You can find Dr. Pastor LinkedIn with CSPP at our CSPP Alumni Group.