Cheryl Arutt, CSPP Alumna Dr. Cheryl Arutt is an alumna who received the Outstanding Doctoral Project award for her clinical dissertation. She went on to postgraduate training at the Wright Institute culminating in a Certificate of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and received advanced clinical and forensic training in association with CSPP alumna Barbara Cort Counter PhD.

Currently in private practice in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Arutt specializes in creative artist issues, recovery from trauma, including EMDR, and fertility, as well as forensic and media consulting. Dr. Arutt has been an Adjunct Professor at CSPP-LA, teaching Clinical InterviewingEthics and Professional DevelopmentSex Roles and Gender, and Intercultural Processes and Human Diversity to PhD and PsyD students.

This spring at TEDxStudioCityED, Dr. Arutt gave a TEDTalk: That Good Feeling of Control: Self-Regulation, Trauma and Creativity as well as introducing interpersonal neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel, MD and other TED speakers. She has published articles about creativity, self-regulation, and parenting and is working on a new book about self-regulation and creativity. Nationally recognized as an expert in trauma and PTSD, Dr. Arutt has long been active in the violence prevention community in association with LACAAW, Peace Over Violence, and was recently elected to the Board of Directors of PAVE, Promoting Awareness/ Victim Empowerment.

When asked “How did your experience at CSPP prepare you for your career?” Dr. Arutt responded: “I came out of UCLA with a very strong education in research and critical thinking, but I knew I wanted a psychology doctoral program taught by people who were actively practicing, using what they knew to help people improve their lives. At CSPP I have found important friendships and colleagues who share a passion for life and work, and several professors became significant mentors who encouraged me, giving me confidence to stretch beyond my comfort zone. CSPP gave me the foundation for a rich and varied career. For example, I had left a 20-year career as a professional actress, never thinking I would be using my on-camera skills again, but have found ways the two worlds converge to help bring psychological insights and mindfulness to people beyond the consulting room.”

Dr. Arutt is a member of the “Behavior Bureau” on the popular HLN show Dr. Drew on Call and a frequently guest and panelist on other CNN, HLN, truTV and FOXNews programs, discussing breaking news and high-profile cases such as Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and the Craigslist killer. She has appeared as a psychological expert on CNN Newsroom, Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Geraldo, Studio B, the Insider and In Session as well as the new HuffPost Live.

Joining forces with CSPP’s Leena Banerjee Brown, PhD at Caltech, Dr. Arutt recently co-lead the successful pilot program of Dr. Brown’s “Reflection Circles for Organizations” using positive psychology and mindfulness to help CEOs and upper management become more present, joyful and compassionate in their daily interactions. Future RCO seminars and retreats are in the planning stages.

Dr. Arutt is one of nearly 1,000 CSPP alumni who are connected with CSPP and with each other on LinkedIn.