CSPP Alumni Spotlight: Class of 1980

Approximately 30 years ago, the CSPP-Los Angeles Class of 1980+ (Clinical Psychology PhD students who started their program in 1976) had a graduation party at the home of Dr. Susann Bauman in West Los Angeles. That unforgettable night is remembered as a wonderful celebration, complete with a champagne toast from the diving board of Dr. Bauman’s pool by Dr. Connell Persico, the Los Angeles Campus Dean.

Fast forward 30 years to the CSPP-LA CSPP 40th anniversary event in 2010, where several of these alumni reconnected and talked about how wonderful it would be to get everyone back together again for a reunion. A planning committee composed of 5 alumni from that class, Dr. Persico, Los Angeles Campus Director Stephanie Byers-Bell, and CSPP Assistant Director for Alumni Relations Michael Newman. With CSPP’s help, classmates and former faculty were contacted and invited to the reunion.

On October 1, 2011, the reunion took place: same location as 30 years ago, Dr. Bauman’s home, many of the same people, and yes, another champagne toast from the diving board by Dr. Persico! A Memory Book was created, in which alumni from the class and former CSPP-LA faculty who taught them submitted photos of themselves (and their families) and discussed what they have been up to professionally and personally in the past 30 years.

The reunion, not surprisingly, got rave reviews:

“I absolutely loved the party and was delighted with how everything turned out. I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in years. So, I thank all of you for giving me so much pleasure and giving of yourself where it really counted. Thank you.” 

“I truly enjoyed the evening…seeing everyone, catching up, reconnecting….you all did a wonderful job in making it happen.” 

“The event was wonderful…I’m so pleased at all the reconnections and new connections that evolved from this event.”

 “It was a very successful, pleasurable and moving evening – especially to hear the story of the pioneering effort our school, and that we all joined up before all the proper accreditations (that we could celebrate along the way). I loved staying up to read the memory book last night. This was a beginning of a new relationship with CSPP and with each other. We could not have asked for better support (and hugs) along the way.”

“It was a labor of love and friendship…I am grateful that I was a part of this experience.“

“I am still savoring the evening and the connections with everyone.”