The increasing globalization of our societies is creating new and critical demands in numerous sectors, including the mental health profession.

The World Needs Clinicians with an International Perspective

Providing cross-cultural training has been proven to be effective in a variety of settings (Bhawuk & Brislin, 2000; Cushner, & Brislin, 1997; Hall & Gudykunst, 1989)Cultural competency trainings in particular have been shown to improve communication, trust, treatment regimens and appropriateness of services.

Obtaining these competencies leads to improved services and outcomes for target populations (Brach and Fraser, 2002). Even brief cultural competency trainings have been shown to improve knowledge, communication and positive health outcomes (Way & Stone, 2002).

Immersion Programs

CSPP is always exploring new opportunities to connect our California-based students with international immersion experiences. Immersion programs vary year to year.