FAQs: Clinical Psychopharmacology (Postdoctoral MS)

Q: How much time do I have to spend on homework and studying?

A: This depends somewhat on students’ previous coursework and experience. Students in our previous cohorts have reported that they spent between three and seven hours of study per week, including preparing for the short exam given during the first hour of each class.

Q: What happens if I have to miss a class or exam?

A: We record each lecture and make the recordings available to students. If you have to miss an exam, we prefer that it be made up at the next class session, although we will make special arrangements for anyone with extenuating circumstances.

Q: Can I get continuing education credit for courses in the program?

A: Alliant International University is an APA-approved continuing education provider and will offer continuing education credit for the courses, subject to APA and state attendance requirements.

Q: Will I have to take exams?

A: Exams are typically given for each weekend. Most exams are multiple choice format. Review materials and/or cases are frequently provided to help students prepare for the exams.

Q: Will I get grades in these courses?

A: We use a “pass-no pass” system, requiring an average test score at or above our program criterion of 70% in each course.

Q: What if I don’t pass an exam?

A: Passing a course is based on an average of all exams in the course, so one low exam score can be made up on other exams. If you do not pass a class, we will develop a plan for you to do remedial work and retake an exam.

Q: What can I do with this degree?

A: The Master of Science program will help licensed psychologists to practice collaboratively with other health care professionals. The goal of the program is to help you develop a strong working knowledge of the scientific foundations and clinical applications of pharmacological management of mental disorders. This will make you more valuable to colleagues, as well as to patients.

Q: Will this degree allow me to prescribe?

A: Prescriptive authority will be decided by individual state legislatures, and by agencies of the Federal government. Should such legislation be enacted in your state, your MS in this program is consistent with APA recommendations for the didactic portion of psychopharmacology training, and would qualify you to take the Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists developed by APA.

Q: What if additional hours of classes are required in my state or agency?

A: If additional courses or hours are needed to meet requirements of a professional organization or licensing law, we will develop the appropriate coursework to serve our current and past students. The rate of new developments in pharmacological research demands that professionals regularly update their knowledge base. We are committed to keeping our course content on the cutting edge, to developing advanced courses for our graduates, and to providing access to currently updated courses to our graduates.