Follow the Leader

In 1998, Alliant’s California School of Professional Psychology established the nation’s first Postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology. We have maintained that leadership position ever since, as our program has evolved into a fully online Master’s of Psychopharmacology Degree.

Over 500 psychologists in 40 states have graduated from or are currently enrolled in our program, which integrates medication and its management in the biopsychosocial treatment of mental disorders.

Why Every Psychologist Needs This Training

The program prepares licensed psychologists to prescribe safely and effectively in states and Federal jurisdictions where they have prescriptive authority. What if you don’t practice in a state with that authority? The study of Psychopharmacology provides several benefits:

  • To improve your practice
  • To better answer patient questions about medication
  • To collaborate with your patients’ primary care physician in prescriptive treatment of mental disorders
  • To support the movement to gain prescription authority.

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Making Progress, Gathering Speed

The trend to integrate biological and psychological treatments has made great strides and is gathering momentum.

  • Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Guam now grant prescriptive authority to psychologists.
  • The federal government authorizes psychologists to prescribe in an increasing number of settings, including the Department of Defense and the Indian Health Service.
  • There is significant progress in other states and federal agencies.

Take Your Psychopharmacology Courses Online, at Home, on Weekends

Perfectly tailored to active practitioners, the Clinical Psychopharmacology MS is fully online. Attend class anywhere you have an Internet connection. We deliver content and communicate through two online platforms:

  • Elluminate, which brings students and instructor together in real time using video and audio capabilities.
  • Moodle, an e-Education platform on which course materials such as presentation slides, instructors’ class notes, exam study guides, take-home exams and readings are posted for access before, during and after each class.

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Contact an admissions counselor today to learn more about Alliant’s Clinical Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS Online Degree program at 866-825-5426.

Data tables and graduation rates are available for national cohorts of the CSPP Clinical Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS Program at Alliant International University. To receive a copy of this data, please email