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In 1998, the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) established the nation’s first Postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology program and have been on the forefront of preparing for prescriptive authority for 20 years since. At CSPP, we prepare licensed psychologists to prescribe safely and effectively in states and federal jurisdictions where they have prescriptive authority and is just one of several compelling reasons to master psychopharmacology.

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An Innovative Program

CSPP is an incubator for clinical psychopharmacology and founded the nation’s first Postdoctoral MS degree program on this subject. With the integration of medication, management, and biopsychosocial treatment, we are helping psychologists across the country become even better health care providers.

Earn Your Master’s Online

Our 3-year Clinical Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS program is offered fully online, and with a schedule aimed at the working professional.

Join A Growing Field

Clinical Psychopharmacology, which integrates biological and psychological treatments, is gaining support across the country every day. Become a part of the movement to put prescriptive power in the hands of the people who know their patients best.

Alan Lincoln, PhD, MSCP, BCBA-D

There is a potential mounting crisis for mental health patients needing prescription drugs. In response, several groups are lobbying for psychologists with post-doctoral training in psychopharmacology to be able to prescribe medication. Proponents argue that there has never been a higher need for psychopharmacology and prescriptive authority.

Professor Alan Lincoln, PhD, MSCP, BCBA-D, is working alongside the American Psychological Association (APA) and California Psychological Association (CPA) on legislation to procure prescriptive rights for these specially trained California psychologists.

“My interest in psychopharmacology was born with my work with autistic children. I realized that I was seeing them more often than any of their other doctors, and could best evaluate the long-term effects of their medication,” said Lincoln.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Psychopharmacology is expected to experience quality job growth over the next 5 years. From 2014 to 2024 the profession is projected to grow by 14% for those that use the specialized degree in an M.D. setting, and 19% for those that use it in a psychology setting. This positive outlook is due to the growing need for clinical  pharmacologists to prescribe medication to treat mental health disorders, the overall increase in mental health care nationwide, and the slow dovetailing of the two sides of mental health care becoming one health care whole.

Graduates of the Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS degree program often already have careers in health care, either under the psychology umbrella, or under the M.D. umbrella, and will use the specialized knowledge from this program to enhance that already-existing career. However, they can branch off into a more research-oriented role once completing this program, as the combination of medical and psychological knowledge offers them a unique perspective on health care in general.

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The overall goals of the program are to educate practicing psychologists to work collaboratively with other health care professionals who prescribe medication, to integrate medication and its management in treatment of mental and behavioral disorders, and to prescribe safely and effectively in states and federal agencies that allow psychologists to prescribe. California does not currently grant prescriptive authority to psychologists through a psychopharmacology program, while other states have granted prescriptive authority to psychologists as part of their licensure process. This program is designed to prepare licensed psychologists to prescribe safely and effectively in the states and federal jurisdictions in which they have prescriptive authority.

The Online Clinical Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS degree program is offered as an 8-week term program and is open for enrollment during each of those enrollment periods. You can find a copy of our 2018-2019 8-week term academic calendar here.

The Clinical Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral MS Online degree is a 30-credit program and takes a minimum of 3 years to complete, across 5 semesters.

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The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) is Alliant’s cornerstone school and was built on a legacy of thought leadership, multicultural competence, and quality of care. CSPP’s programs pair hands-on professional practice with academic rigor in order to prepare the next generation of psychologists and mental health care professionals.

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