Master of Arts in Organizational Behavior (MA) Curriculum Plan

Students enter the Organizational Behavior master’s program with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of professional work experience and complete the 34-unit program in 17 months. Students take courses once a month in an executive, weekend format. Most students begin the program in the spring, however, students who wish to enroll in the fall do so in consultation with the program director.

International Trip

As part of the program’s coursework, students are required to participate in an international trip that addresses the work setting from a multicultural/international perspective. Literature is examined for its relevance and application across cultures and international societies within a global economy. 

This work/study tour sets the groundwork for better understanding of cultural fluency and competency and offers an opportunity to gain new perspectives in thinking about cultural differences in the host country.

Cultural fluency and competency do not come easily and require analysis, intuition, and insight. An advantage of a work/study tour is the on-site experience and the interaction with people and their culture. There will be opportunities to interact with businesses and professionals, citizens, and other students and professors from around the globe.

Curriculum Plan

First Year (25 units)

ORG 6005 – Introduction to Scholar-Practitioner Model (2 units)
ORG 7350 – Organizational Theory & Systems (3 units)
ORG 7710 – Organizational Ethics & Social Responsibility (3 units)
ORG 8800 – Advanced Seminar in Organizational Psychology (1 unit)
ORG 6012 – Research Design (3 units)
ORG 7330 – Cultural Diversity in Organizations (3 units)
ORG 7425 – Organizational Behavior: Fundamentals & International Perspectives (4 units)
ORG 7503 – Leadership (3 units)
ORG 7525 – Organizational Change and Development (3 units)

Second Year (9 units)

ORG 7408 – Conflict Management (3 units)
ORG 7512 – Transitions in Organizations (2 units)
ORG 7730 – Synthesizing Multiple Perspectives: A Capstone Course (2 units)
ORG 8800 – Advanced Seminar in Organizational Studies (2 units)

Joint Master’s Degree

Students in the Clinical Psychology doctoral programs may pursue a 30-unit joint master’s program and earn the Organizational Behavior MA during their doctoral studies. This is particularly helpful for students who are interested in pursuing administrative positions or doing organizational work as part of their career.

The 30-unit joint master’s program consists of 24 units of core courses in the Organizational Behavior master’s program, plus six units of research methods and ethnocultural/multicultural courses in their primary program.

The Organizational Behavior program also includes an international trip, which is optional for joint program students with the approval of their primary program director.

For more information on the prerequisites and courses for this program, please refer to the academic catalog.