International Programs in Hong Kong and Japan

We at Alliant International University have been proud to live up to the ‘International’ in our name. However, times have changed, and our focus has turned, once again, back home to California.

We regret to inform you that, if you were looking to enter into either of our International Psychology Programs in Hong Kong or Tokyo, Japan, we are no longer admitting new students into these programs.

While it saddens us to end enrollment for these programs, we want the students still currently in these programs to know that they will receive the same high standard of education they would receive from Alliant under any circumstance, and we would like you to know, that you, just like each and every other one of our graduates, is a permanent part of the Alliant family, and nothing can ever change that.

If you are a currently-enrolled student in either of these programs, the homepages for each respective one may still be found here:

Hong Kong

Tokyo, Japan

Thank you so much for being a part of the Alliant family, for choosing to take this educational journey with us, and for being the next in the long line of global agents of change that we are proud to have produced here at Alliant International University.