International Programs in Hong Kong and Japan

Having grown from a free-standing school of professional psychology into an international university, CSPP has taken the opportunity to expand its emphasis on multicultural competence and contribute to the advancement of professional psychology in other countries. From the beginning, the CSPP faculty has recognized that psychological practice must be grounded in a deep awareness of cultural differences. California is one of the most culturally diverse regions of the US and CSPP has drawn on this rich tradition of diversity to inform its programs. One natural extension of this tradition is to advance the development of professional psychology in other countries.

International Psychology Programs

Each program is unique and innovative in its own way. The curriculum for each program integrates US models of psychological theory and practice with modifications that are culturally appropriate and respond to the needs of the communities in the cities and countries where the programs are offered. The strong link between the program and the local community assists students in gaining culturally competent practice modalities, enabling graduates to work with diverse populations in our global society.

CSPP continues to expand its international programs, providing students and mental health professionals with opportunities for cultural immersion and the development of specific multicultural competencies.