Profile Image of Tiffany O?Shaughnessy - PhD

Dr. O'Shaughnessy, an Assistant Professor of CSPP Clinical Counseling

Dr. Tiffany O'Shaughnessy Works to Improve Counseling Services for the LGBTQ Community.



Wanyu Chang, PsyD CSPP t Clinical Psychology PhD Student

All three of the 2013 LACPA Convention Poster Award Winners are from the CSPP Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs in Los Angeles. 





Profile Image of Tara Smallidge

The Industrial and Organizational PhD program at CSPP provided me with the foundation to build a successful and fulfilling career in the United States military.



Jei Africa, 2003 CSPP Graduate

CSPP Graduate, Dr. Jei Africa

Dr. Africa supports CSPP student research in Filipino American Studies with the Jei Africa Dissertation Award.



Dual Degrees at CSPP

Some professionals aspire to careers that allow for practice both as a licensed clinician and as an organizational researcher and consultant. To this end, CSPP offers students the opportunity to earning dual degrees in these areas. Students in the dual degree programs receive education and training in both disciplines, allowing them to fill unique professional roles. 

Students fulfill the program requirements of both disciplines. The clinical portions of the dual degree programs reflect the curriculum of the APA-accredited clinical psychology doctoral programs. Thus, dual program students must complete every requirement of the clinical PhD or PsyD program without exception.

Dual Degree Programs