A Commitment to Excellence

A PsyD in marriage and family therapy isn’t your average degree. It’s not only a commitment to your craft but also a commitment to relationships in need.

Alliant’s California School of Professional Psychology’s PsyD in Marriage and Family Therapy Program in Irvine was developed specifically for people like you, who want to use their degree to make a lasting impact. Who wish to dedicate their careers to serving their own community within the millions of people who seek help. Who wish to better themselves so they can better the lives of countless others.

Explore the following commitments we’ve made to the students of our Irvine-based COAMFTE-accredited* PsyD Degree Program.

1. A Commitment to Multicultural Counseling

No segments of our population are immune from psychological, behavioral, or relational issues. Things like depression, abuse, and trauma reach all races, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religions.

Multiculturalism is found throughout all of Alliant’s campuses and programs, but it can be said that it is most vital in our MFT curriculum.

Indeed, being an effective therapist means understanding a client on a number of different levels, such as their values, traditions, and beliefs. We believe it’s essential to your success as a therapist, and to your client’s success of treatment, that you receive training in various cultural norms and methods of tactfully addressing certain cultural differences.

Our commitment to producing culturally competent therapists can be seen in our:

  • Internship Opportunities – Many of Irvine’s MFT internship locations work with individuals and families of many cultures, religions, and sexual orientations, with some focused primarily on one population.
  • Multicultural Curriculum – Students can learn to work with families of different cultures, values, and needs, all of which are studied in specific classes and throughout much of the MFT program’s curriculum.
  • Professors’ Diverse Backgrounds and Experiences – Our professors bring their own unique backgrounds and cultural specializations to the classroom and practicum opportunities.

2. A Commitment to Impactful Curriculum

Each course of your PsyD degree is an opportunity. An opportunity to continue your growth through academic understanding and practical experience. An opportunity for us to mold you into a therapist who will represent our university proudly, like the thousands before you.

It begins in the classroom where you will receive intensive theoretical and practical skill-based training that concentrates on relational and interactional patterns in individuals, couples, and families from a systemic perspective.

You’ll gain expertise in MFT laws and ethics, individual and family life cycles, psychopathology, parent-child therapy, group therapy, trauma and crisis intervention, sex therapy in marriage and family therapy, and psychopharmacology.

Furthermore, each of our professors bring with them their own experiences, specializations, and expertise, giving you the opportunity to learn from experts of specific MFT disciplines and areas of interests.

Internships are not just a box you check of the required components for your degree. Internships are your opportunity to practice the various systematic theories and interventions learned throughout your curriculum. This is your chance to turn your experience into expertise, while also making a lasting impact in a person’s life.

And not only will you help them, but they will help you in your continued development as a marriage and family therapist.

We have partnered with various supportive, philanthropic organizations in Irvine and its surrounding areas. You could have the opportunity to help:

  • female victims of domestic violence taking shelter in a local, state-approved domestic violence agency
  • separated or divorced parents to help build healthy communication skills with one another and their children
  • youth affected by poverty or homelessness to help continue their development through play therapy, structured programs, therapeutic fine arts, and other social activities
  • individuals dealing with issues relating to depression, anxiety, and bereavement
  • faith-based individuals and families seeking general counseling services
  • families facing divorce, anger, abuse, discipline issues, and other interpersonal dynamics
  • homeless youth in individual or group settings needing help with traumas that led to their homeless status
  • individuals and families of Jewish faith seeking general counseling services for depression, anxiety, grief and loss, PTSD, marital issues, and life transitions
  • teens, adults, and families struggling with substance abuse and addiction

Ready to Learn More?

As you commit to a profession of helping families through some of their most trying times, we commit to helping you make a lasting impact as an MFT.

This robust doctoral degree will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and reinforce the great things you can, and will, do with your degree.

You have the opportunity to make the world a better place, and we are here to help you do just that.

For more information about the PsyD MFT program at our Irvine campus, contact an Admissions Counselor today.


*The Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Alliant International University in Irvine is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), 112 South Alfred Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, (703) 838-9808, coa@aamft.org.