An Online MFT Degree with Hands-On Experience

Marriage and family therapy is inherently a hands-on career path. Sitting down with another person, couple, or family in an intimate setting, exploring their struggles, fears, goals, and values requires firsthand training and education. The likes of which are usually found in a physical classroom – until now.

The California School of Professional Psychology’s COAMFTE-accredited* Online Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Program at Alliant International University recreates the classroom experience into a robust, hands-on, online experience. One in which you will gain expertise and practical experiences in the various theories, techniques, research, and methodologies found in traditional MFT programs.

It’s our way of making our programs accessible to all prospective MFT graduate students, regardless of your schedule or location.

What are the Benefits of Our Online MFT Degree?

The support of your professors. The interaction with your fellow students. The decades of academic achievement. The thought leadership of the institution. All of it is just a few clicks away.

Our online MFT program is largely asynchronous. This means most lectures may be consumed, and coursework completed, around your busy schedule. On-campus or online, it’s our job to help you complete your journey so you can begin supporting other individuals, couples, and families with their own life journeys.

Other benefits of our online marriage and family therapy graduate program include:

  • COAMFTE-Accredited, which may offer several benefits to students of our Online MFT Master’s Degree Program**
  • One-on-one online mentoring with your professor providing the opportunity to continue your growth alongside lectures, coursework, and practicum opportunities
  • Customized notifications allowing you to set instantaneous, daily, or weekly alerts when a project is assigned, a grade is posted, or your professor makes an announcement
  • Online storage allowing you to access your assignments, coursework, and class notes from any device with an internet connection, and it even syncs with Google Drive
  • ePortfolio allowing you to proudly and professionally display and share your work with colleagues, family members, friends, and even future employers
  • Online discussion boards where you can ask a question to your classmates, talk about an assignment, or discuss recent topics and developments in marriage and family therapy

Acquire Vital Experience in the Field

No on-campus or online marriage and family therapy master’s degree is complete without in-person, hands-on training. Our vast network of practicum opportunities across California allows you to serve an organization within one of our six campus communities and applicable to the type of therapist you strive to become. Examples include organizations that serve:

  • victims of sexual assault and domestic violence
  • low-income children and adolescents who meet seriously emotionally disturbed (SED) criteria
  • students of a local San Diego college seeking therapy for a variety of individual or familial issues
  • homeless youth in individual or group settings needing help with traumas that led to their homeless status
  • individuals and families seeking faith-based MFT services
  • female victims of domestic violence taking shelter in a local, state-approved domestic violence agency
  • school-aged children and their parents needing anger management and drug awareness and prevention
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American populations seeking comprehensive marriage and family therapy counseling services
  • women who’ve recently been incarcerated requiring advocacy, assessment, and substance abuse therapy services
  • the Latin American population dealing with issues relating to poverty and mental health

Acquiring experience in the field is essential to your growth and confidence as a marriage and family therapist. Upon completion of our Online MFT Program, you will have accumulated 500 hours of supervised direct-client therapy and 100 hours of group-supervised therapy. It’s real-world experience, it’s practice-based education, and it’s intrinsic skills and knowledge that you will draw from throughout the rest of your career as a therapist.

Your Home Away from Home

We strive to make Alliant our students’ home away from home. And with our Online Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Program, you can get the best of both worlds.

Whether on-campus or online, we are here to support you in any way we can. Get to know us today, and what we can offer you in the future, by contacting an Admissions Counselor at 1-866-825-5426.

Three-Year Moratorium Policy

Online CFT program is considered a branch location of Alliant MFT MA Program, thus all the existing program policies apply to the online program, including the policy of transferring campus locations. However, there will be a three-year moratorium on the policy of transferring campus locations from Fall semester of AY 2017-2018 to Fall semester of AY 2020-2021. During the moratorium, students will not be permitted to transfer from on-ground to online program or vice versa.

*The online Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Alliant International University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), 112 South Alfred Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, (703) 838-9808,

** Licensure is regulated at a state level and licensure requirements vary from state to state. Students should always contact the licensing board in the state they would like to seek licensure. You can find a listing of State Licensure Boards at