Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Program Faculty

Alyssa Banford
Associate Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2011; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Community trauma, particularly natural disasters; resilience and trauma symptoms relating to community trauma; the influences of community trauma on attachment; internal working models; relational coping mechanisms

Hao-Min Chen
Assistant Professor, Irvine, CFT Program
PhD, 2013 ; The University of Georgia
Research interests: Diversity and couple and family therapy, including the influence of contexts on the well-being of Asian/Asian American families and older populations; culturally sensitive interventions; MFT education and training; and qualitative methods

Iman Dadras
Assistant Professor, Los Angeles, CFT Program
PhD, 2016; University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Acculturative stress and immigrant families, self of the therapist, justice-oriented psychotherapy, multicultural family therapy, and third order cybernetics and system change.

Manijeh Daneshpour
Professor, Site Director, and interim Systemwide Program Director, Irvine, CFT Program
PhD, 1996; University of Minnesota
Research interests: Multicultural couple and family therapy, gender relations, social justice, and third wave feminism.

Sean Davis
Professor, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD, 2005; Virginia Tech
Research interests: Common factors across effective MFT models; MFT training and supervision; commonalities of healthy and distressed couples; process and outcome research; observational research; bridging the scientist/practitioner gap in MFT

Sandra Espinoza
Visiting Assistant Professor, Los Angeles, CFT Program
PsyD, 2015; Alliant International University
Research Interests: Latino individuals, couples and families, impact of immigration and deportation on mental health, qualitative methods, bilingual therapy, Emotionally focused therapy and attachment styles.

Tatiana Glebova
Associate Professor and Site Director, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD, 2002; Fuller Theological Seminary
Research interests: Family therapy process and outcome research; observational research; contextual therapy; families with adolescents; adolescent risky behaviors including substance abuse; cultural issues

Alexander Hsieh
Assistant Professor, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD Candidate, 2013; Brigham Young University
Research interests: Cultural competency, minority issues, Asian-American families and couples in therapy, observational research, and adolescent internalized issues including shame, depression, and self-esteem

Angela B. Kim
Associate Professor and Site Director, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2010; Teachers College, Columbia University
Research interests: Asian American mental health and coping behaviors; immigrant youth and families’ cultural adjustment; acculturation and enculturation differences between parent and child; culturally appropriate interventions

Marianne McInnes Miller
Associate Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2003; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Spirituality in psychotherapy training and practice; spirituality and couples; mindfulness; trauma; qualitative methodology; feminist issues

Darren D. Moore
Associate Professor, Site Director, San Francisco, CFT Program
PhD, 2012; Virginia Tech
Research interests: Obesity and weight loss within individual, couple, and family relationships, community settings, workplace and other organizational structures, and within the media, with an emphasis on Health Disparities among men, African American families, and other unique or marginalized populations. Other interests include Leadership, diversity and inclusion, employee relations, and the intersection of work and family.

Rajeswari Natrajan-Tyagi
Professor, Irvine, CFT Program
PhD, 2004; Purdue University
Research interests: Immigration; cross-cultural research; cultural immersion programs; self-of-therapist training and supervision; qualitative research; systemic training and evaluation

Sesen Negash
Associate Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, The Florida State University
Research interests: At-risk sexual behaviors among monogamous couples and racial minorities; race/ethnic sexual health disparities; MFTs in health care settings; relationship based sexual health education; interpersonal implications of sexual behaviors (i.e., pornography, cybersex, and sexual infidelity) on monogamous dating relationships.

Alba Nino
Associate Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 2013 ; Drexel University
Research interests: Person of the therapist training and supervision; immigrant therapists; immigrant families; attachment based therapies; attachment focused therapies

Hye-Sun Ro
Assistant Professor and Site Director, Los Angeles, CFT Program
PhD, 2007; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Therapy with minority couples and families, and couple relationships including trans- and intra-cultural/racial couple relationships, dating, and marriage

Gita Seshadri
Assistant Professor, Sacramento, CFT Program
PhD, 2010; Loma Linda University
Research interests: Experiences of interracial couples and families, culture, process-based research, qualitative research, parent-child relationships, factors influencing attachment in relationships, the impact of family of origin on self, couple, and family, how addiction impacts the family, and bullying/trauma

Linna Wang
Professor, San Diego, CFT Program and Systemwide Program Director, CFT Program
PhD, 1996; Brigham Young University
Research interests: Cross-cultural issues; mental health service delivery issues; MFT training in the multicultural context; survey research; impact of family factors on children; Native American studies

Roberto Weiss, MA, LMFT
Clinical Training Coordinator, Instructor, San Diego, CFT Program
MA, Clinical Psychology/Mental Health Services1988; New School for Social Research.
MA, Marriage and Family Therapy 1996; United States International University
CA MFT License 1999
Research interests: Community mental health services, training, supervision and administration; Latinos/Latinas in the United States; bilingual therapy, cultural competence and immigration experiences. T.E.R.M. Advisory Board member since 2010

Scott R. Woolley
Distinguished Professor, San Diego, CFT Program
PhD, 1995; Texas Tech University
Research interests: Emotionally focused therapy; courtship, marriage, couples therapy; MFT process, and outcome research; observational research; cultural issues in couple relationships; MFT supervision processes; MFT therapy training; chemical dependency