Training Model: A Practitioner-Scholar Program

Special features of the San Diego program include a particular emphasis on evidence-based practice, a rich set of opportunities for gaining research and clinical skills in multicultural, child/family, forensic, and integrative psychology, and the integration of clinical practice with coursework.

Field Training

Students receive four years of practicum and internship experiences. Placements are available in more than 75 agencies. Most of these facilities are within a 25-mile radius of the campus, but some are as far as 80 miles away for the benefit of students who live in Orange County.

Assignment to placements results from an application process conducted by year level. Entering students are placed at a practicum agency for 10 hours/week during the school year. Practica in the second and third year are chosen by the student from a list of pre-approved sites. The final internship is an APA-accredited full-time internship in the fourth year, and an option exists for students to do two half-time internship placements in the fourth and fifth years. However, unless an exemption is granted, all Clinical PsyD students must apply for a minimum of 11 APA internships. Students will interview for each position, and the selecting agency makes the final decision.

Students meet with their site supervisor each week a minimum of 10% of their time at the site. One of the hours must be individual supervision and the rest can be individual or group. Students keep a tally form which is signed each week by the supervisor.
Research Training

PsyD students participate in the Proposal Development and Clinical Dissertation Group. These are intensive seminars that integrate practice and directed reading in small group formats and prepare students for the clinical dissertation – an applied scholarly work in the chosen area of advanced competency. The student defends the dissertation plan to a faculty committee at the Proposal Meeting.