Multicultural Competence Training

Clinical psychology doctoral programs at CSPP have developed multicultural training to embrace consideration of diversity regarding issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, social class, and religion. This is reflected in specific required courses for all clinical students, as well as through the integration of multicultural perspectives in all courses throughout the curriculum.

The diversity of the campus community provides students with the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff, administrators and other students from many different cultural backgrounds. Increasing self-awareness relevant to multicultural issues, increasing awareness of multicultural dynamics in larger society, and examining their implications for psychotherapy are the primary goals of the specific intercultural awareness and development courses. Students are asked to look at their own multicultural identities, as well as at their values, stereotypes, prejudices, and potential “blind spots.” A willingness to self-evaluate and self-disclose are essential to the courses.

In addition, courses throughout the curriculum include a focus on increasing multicultural knowledge by gaining familiarity with theory, research, and clinical applications relevant to diverse populations. Elective courses and the availability of field training sites that provide experience with diverse groups offer opportunities to develop skills that enhance work with culturally diverse clients.