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mMelody Schaff is a first year student in the CSPP San Francisco Clinical Psychology PsyD program. Melody has a BA from UCLA and is currently a practicum trainee at Through the Looking Glass in Berkeley, CA, where she works with families with disabilities. She is also working under Dr. Pearl Werfel and Dr. Rhoda Olkin, as a research assistant on a project entitled “Stress and Pain Management for People Who are Living with Multiple Sclerosis.” Because she is living with multiple sclerosis herself, she brings a first hand point of view to disability research. In addition to disabilities, her primary research interests are health psychology, spirituality, and stress management. 

gGoldie VanHeel is a third year student on the Social Justice Track in the CSPP San Francisco Clinical Psychology PsyD program and is also a member of the Rockway Queer Alliance. While earning her PsyD in clinical psychology she is also earning the LGBT Human Services and Mental Health Certificate through Rockway Institute. Goldie is currently in practicum at Conard House serving the severely mentally ill with dual diagnosis and substance abuse. This has ignited her passion for community mental health care and has furthered her interest in disability research. Goldie’s current interest in disability research and the intersectionality of sexual orientation and disability comes from her own experience of being a lesbian who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for the last 12 years.