Sacramento Clinical (PsyD) Program Faculty

Matthew Baity, PhD, Associate Professor CSPP Clinical Psychology Matthew Baity, PhD, Program Director & Associate Professor
PhD, 2003; University of Arkansas
Research interests: Personality and neuropsychological assessment; personality disorders; treatment process, outcome and alliance; premature termination; prediction of substance abuse treatment relapse/success
beth limberg faculty cspp clinical psy sacramento Beth Limberg, PhD, Associate Professor
PhD, 1999; California School of Professional Psychology, Fresno
Research interests: Infant-preschooler mental health; play therapy; parent-child interaction; child development
Carl Mack CSPP Principal Lecturer, Sacramento, Clinical PsyD Program Carl Mack, PhD, Associate Professor
PhD, 1975; University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Organization development (OD) work in public schools, large and small group dynamics, leadership development and experiential learning, executive coaching and self-development, and group relations conferences
Suni Petersen, PhD, Associate Professor CSPP Suni Petersen, PhD, Associate Professor Suni Petersen, PhD, Professor
PhD, 1997; University of Florida
Research interests: International research testing a Model of Health Behavior Change for the Developing World; immigration stress; health psychology: creating and testing evidence-based interventions for underserved minority populations with cardiovascular disease and cancer; health promotion and using computerized interventions for cost-effective approaches to health behavior change
John Preston, PhD, ABPP, Lecturer and Professor Emeritus CSPP Clinical Psychology John Preston, PhD, ABPP, Lecturer and Professor Emeritus
PsyD, 1979; Baylor University; ABPP (Counseling Psychology)
Research interests: Psychopharmacology; neuropsychology; trauma; aging
Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D. CSPP Sacramento Clinical PsyD Emil Rodolfa, PhD, Professor
PhD, 1981; Texas A&M University
Research interest: Psychology Education and Training Professional Competency and Competency Assessment Ethics and Legal Issues in Practice Supervision
Ronald W. Teague, PhD, ABPP, Professor CSPP Clinical Psychology Ronald W. Teague, PhD, ABPP, Professor
PhD, 1973; California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco; ABPP (Clinical Psychology; Psychoanalysis in Psychology)
Research interests: Psychology of antiquity; psychohistory phenomenology; Jungian psychology; psychoanalysis; psychoanthropology; psychology and the humanities; history of psychology; trans-cultural psychoanalysis; theoretical and philosophical psychology; Chinese psychology