Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Los Angeles Curriculum Plan

Courses are 3 units unless indicated otherwise.

* courses eligible for transfer credit
** courses eligible for challenge by examination

Notes: Students’ program curriculum may vary from the above layout if they modify their schedule (either voluntarily or per SERC requirement) to assist in their successful completion of all program requirements. See catalog for additional internship information.

See catalog for detailed descriptions.

  • Clinical Health Psychology Emphasis (CHP)
  • Family/Child and Couple Emphasis (FACE)
  • Multicultural Community-Clinical Psychology Emphasis (MCCP)
  • Multi-Interest Option (MIO)

Methods of Evaluation


Coursework is sequential, cumulative, and graded in complexity to promote the achievement of educational and training goals.  All courses must be passed with a grade of B- or higher; students who earn grades of C+ or lower in any course must repeat that course at their own expense at the next opportunity offered by the program until a grade of B- or higher is earned. This policy ensures that students have mastered course competencies related to the profession. Students have three opportunities to earn a grade of B- or higher in any course, and will be terminated upon the third failure of any course. Students who earn three or more grades of C+ or lower during their time in the program, regardless of course/grade remediation, are at risk of termination from the program.

Comprehensive Exams

The program requires three comprehensive exams that must be passed to demonstrate related competency.  Minimum passing scores are as follows:

Assessment Comprehensive Exam (end of first year): 80% or higher

Research Comprehensive Exam (December of second year): 80% or higher

Clinical Proficiency Assessment: Case Report (end of second year) and Oral Vignette Exam (fall of third year): Scores of “Adequate” or “Strong” in all areas of competency evaluation

Note: Students who do not pass any comprehensive exam on their initial attempt have a maximum of two additional opportunities to retake and pass the exam.  Students who do not pass any comprehensive exam on the third attempt will be terminated from the program.

Clinical Dissertation

The program trains practitioners to be critical reviewers and consumers of research.  In support of developing this competency, students are required to complete a clinical dissertation under the mentorship and supervision of a clinical dissertation chair (a core faculty member of the Clinical Psychology PsyD program) and at least one dissertation committee member. Acquisition of competencies related to dissertation development and completion are formally evaluated by the dissertation chair and committee members at the proposal and final oral defense stages.  Students must earn scores of 3 (“Meets expectations”) on proposal and final oral defense evaluation forms to demonstrate competency.  Students who earn scores of 2 (“Partially meets expectations”) are required to complete remediation prior to proceeding with dissertation development/completion.  Students who earn scores of 1 (“Does not meet expectations”) are required to complete significant remediation before scheduling another proposal/final oral defense meeting.  Students unable to meet minimum levels of achievement related to dissertation development/completion may be terminated from the program.

Field Training

Please see Training tab for methods of field training evaluation.

Policy Regarding Core Faculty Summer Availability

General Summer Advisement

Clinical Psychology PsyD faculty contracts do not require core faculty to provide general advisement to students either by email, phone, or in-person over the summer term (June – mid-August).

The following program and campus administrators are available to students in need of advisement over the summer term:

· Clinical Psychology PsyD Program Director
· Director of Office of Professional Training
· Practicum Training Director
· Internship Training Director
· Clinical Psychology PsyD Student Advisor
· Los Angeles Director of Campus and Student Services
· Los Angeles Campus Affairs Coordinator
· Los Angeles Student Advising Coordinator

Students who desire more structured guidance and advisement over the summer may also request to meet with the Student Review and Evaluation Committee, which meets over the summer when needed.

Summer Dissertation Advisement

Although not expected by the University, Clinical Psychology PsyD core faculty that are off-contract during the summer semester may choose to provide summer dissertation advisement to students. Students are required to obtain approval from their dissertation chair and the Program Director to enroll in summer dissertation units. While enrollment in summer dissertation is not required by the program, it is required in order for students to work with their dissertation chair over the summer. Students who enroll in a summer dissertation course may work with their dissertation chair to receive feedback, guidance, and supervision of their dissertation during the summer term.

In order to enroll in summer dissertation units, students must:
1. Fill out and obtain their chair’s signature on the Summer Dissertation Registration Request form;
2. Submit the completed Summer Dissertation Registration Request form to the Academic Program Coordinator, either via email or in hard copy;
3. Enroll in the approved summer dissertation course.