Clinical Psychology (PhD) San Francisco Faculty

Our program faculty are actively engaged in applied research and publishing exciting new work in their fields, which improves professional services, influences policy and changes lives. This level of engagement provides our students with opportunities to become connected to their professional communities and gain valuable research and presentation experience—co-authoring papers with faculty, presenting posters and serving in leadership roles in student divisions of professional associations.


Dalia Ducker, PhD, Academic Dean, CSPP & Professor
PhD, 1974; City University of New York
Research interests: Psychology of women, including role strain, work, and health; gender roles; issues relevant to the practice of professional psychology; graduate education

Shannon Casey, PhD, Associate Professor and Interim Program Director
PhD, 2002; Stanford University
Research Interests: Social and psychological development in adolescents and adults within diverse career, family, and school contexts. Issues of parent-child relationships, identity, academic and career achievement, self-esteem, psychopathology/treatment (e.g., depression and eating disorders), and well-being. She has a particular interest in transitions and adjustment to issues related to identity. Her work addresses topics across diverse settings. Her research approaches are both quantitative and qualitative, with advanced statistical modeling, methodology, and action research

Davis Ying Ja, PhD, Professor
PhD, 1981; University of Washington
Research interests: Substance abuse and AIDS treatment and prevention in multicultural communities; program evaluation in behavioral health systems including managed care systems; juvenile and adult justice systems including drug courts and alternative community approaches in juvenile probation; early childhood prevention and intervention; multicultural influences in family therapy

Michael Loewy, PhD, Associate Professor, Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, 1994; University of California, Santa Barbara
Research interests: Social justice in psychology and psychotherapy; multicultural competence; Health at Every Size; LGBTQIA issues; impact of social privilege and oppression, especially as regards to body size, physical appearance, sexual orientation, race, gender, gender expression, religion, age, and social class

Meenakshi Menon, PhD, Associate Professor
PhD, 2008; Florida Atlantic University
Research interests: Child and adolescent well-being; gender role development; self-concept development; parent-child relationships

Eduardo Morales, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, 1976; Texas Tech University
Research interests: HIV; substance abuse; intervention for adolescents; community prevention; ethnic and sexual minorities; drug-exposed infants and parents; juvenile delinquency; workforce development and pipeline; Latino health and higher education

Natalie Porter, PhD, Professor
PhD, 1981; University of Delaware
Research interests: Gender, anti-racist and social justice issues pertaining to child, adolescent, and women’s development, and to therapy, ethics, clinical training, mentoring and supervision; leadership in women

Quyen Tiet, PhD, Professor
PhD, 1996; University of Colorado, Boulder
Research interests: Stress/trauma, coping and resilience; depression and suicide, PTSD, substance use, and dual diagnosis; treatment factors and patient outcomes

Steven Tulkin, PhD, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1971; Harvard University
MS Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2002; California School of Professional Psychology

Paul D. Werner, PhD, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1976; University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Personality and family assessment; violent behavior and its prediction; gender roles; activism; sexuality and reproductive behavior; aesthetics and the experience of music; disaster preparedness

Robert-Jay Green, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Founder and Senior Research Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, 1975; Michigan State University
Research interests: LGBT couple, parenting, and family of origin issues; coping with LGBT discrimination; psychology’s role in improving LGBT public policies; couple and family systems therapy; male gender roles