Clinical Psychology (PhD) San Diego Faculty

Monica Ulibarri, PhD
Program Director
PhD, 2005; Arizona State University

Omar Alhassoon, PhD
PhD, 2003; San Diego State University/University of California, San Diego
Research interests: Neuropsychological assessment; multimodal neuroimaging including magnetic resonance spectroscopy and diffusion tensor imaging; CNS changes in alcohol and drug dependence and abstinence; neuroimaging and neuropsychological correlates of psychopathy and other personality characteristics; research synthesis and meta-analysis; efficacy and effectiveness of online psychology education

Sopagna Eap Braje, PhD
Assistant Professor
PhD, 2008; University of Oregon
Research interests: Cultural context of psychopathology; cultural competency in mental health services; health disparities; health risk behaviors; family dynamics; community intervention/prevention programs

Milton Z. Brown, PhD
Associate Professor
PhD, 2002; University of Washington
Research interests: Personality disorders; suicidality and self-injury; shame and self-hatred; rejection sensitivity; cognitive-behavior therapy; exposure therapy; dialectical behavior therapy

Joanne E. Callan, PhD
Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1970; University of Texas
Research interests: Life span development (development, adjustment, psychopathology, and treatment from a psychoanalytic perspective); psychology of women; gender identity development; application of psychoanalytic theories (attachment and object relations); education and training in psychology; professional ethics

Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD
Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1983; University of Denver
Research interests: Countertransference; memory for trauma child abuse; trauma-related disorders, dissociation; recovered repressed memory; ethics and standards in psychology; empirical foundations of psychoanalytic concepts; trauma related to racism and discrimination

Sharon L. Foster, PhD
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1978; State University of New York, Stony Brook
Research interests: Childhood social competence and peer relations; aggression in girls; treatment of disruptive behavior disorders

Richard N. Gevirtz, PhD
Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1971; DePaul University
Research interests: Scientific study of mind/body medicine modalities; physiological patterning in stress-related disorders; clinical protocols for biofeedback training; mediators of autonomic control; anxiety disorders; heart rate variability (HRV) measurement and biofeedback

Alan J. Lincoln, PhD
Professor; Program Coordinator, Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate Program
PhD, 1980; California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego; MSCP in Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2004; California School of Professional Psychology
Research interests: Early childhood psychopathology; biological and neuropsychological basis of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders; neurodevelopmental effects of child abuse; attention deficit/hyperactivity and severe language disorders; assessment of children; differential diagnosis and treatment of childhood psychopathology

Veronica Perez, PhD
Assistant Professor
PhD, 2008, University of Oregon
Research Interests: Neural correlates of psychosis and schizophrenia, biomarkers of severe psychopathology, pathophysiology of cognition, EEG abnormalities in patients at clinical high-risk for psychosis, neurophysiological response to cognitive interventions.

Adele S. Rabin, PhD
Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1984; University of Houston
Research interests: Major depression: prediction, assessment, treatment, and cross-cultural issues; women’s mental health; psychological factors affecting physical health

Irwin Ford Rosenfarb, PhD
PhD, 1986; University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Research interests: Schizophrenia; mood disorders; the role of cultural factors in the course and treatment of severe psychopathology

Jill Stoddard, PhD
Associate Professor
PhD, 2007; Boston University
Research interests: Adult anxiety disorders (including PTSD); chronic pain; Cognitive Behavioral Therapies; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy; mindfulness; overweight and obesity

Donald J. Viglione, Jr, PhD
Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1981; Long Island University
Research interests: Rorschach and personality assessment; assessment of malingering and response manipulation; child psychopathology; trauma, dangerousness, and sexual offense