Clinical Psychology (PsyD) San Francisco Faculty

Valata Jenkins-Monroe
Program Director and Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1978, California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley
Research interests: Cognitive styles and problem-solving abilities of Third World children; development of children of substance abusive mothers; child sexual abuse treatment; African American women and substance abuse; intergenerational study of black teen parenting; race and racism; special needs children; forensic psychology.

Tai Chang
Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical/Community Psychology, 1999, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
Research interests: Acculturation and identity development processes as well as their relations to adjustment and help-seeking; the interface of counseling and the Internet, including online mutual help and self-help; Asian-American mental health.

Eddie Yu-Wai Chiu
Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1996, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
Research interests: Ethnic minority stress and coping; immigrant and refugee mental health; culturally relevant assessment and intervention; problem gambling and other behavioral addictions; mindfulness; legal and ethics in clinical practice; child and family issues.

Michael Connor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1972, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Research interests: Parenting with emphasis on fathers/fathering/grandfathering; means of providing sensitive, culturally competent services to the African American community; exercise and sports psychology; disorders of childhood; antiracist training practices/models.

Harriet Curtis-Boles
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1984, University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Issues related to multiculturalism and peoples of color including process and outcome of multicultural education, experiences of international and students of color in graduate education; identity and professional development of women of color; psychotherapy process and outcome with African-American clients; influence of violence exposure on children and families in the inner cities; African-American women and substance abuse.

Samuel Gerson
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1978, University of Texas, Austin
Research interests: Intersubjectivity; gender and sexuality; interaction of affect and clinical judgment; the process of therapeutic interactions; schools of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Frederick J. Heide
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1981, Pennsylvania State University
Research interests: Charismatic communication; impact of musical theatre on attitudes and behavior; mindfulness and improvisation; humor; constructivist therapies; transpersonal psychology; cognitive therapy; spiritual use of cannabis; psychedelics.

Gerald Y. Michaels
Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology, 1981, University of Michigan
Research interests: Developmental psychopathology; transition to parenthood; parents’ and children’s social perceptions in the family; parent skills training; children of divorce; school-based mental health.

Valory Mitchell
Distinguished Professor
PhD, Psychology, 1983, University of California, Berkeley
Research interests: Psychology of women; development of personality across the lifespan; lesbian/gay issues; interface of feminist, self, relational, and psychodynamic theory.

Rhoda Olkin
Distinguished Professor, Executive Director, Institute on Disability and Health Psychology
PhD, Counseling Psychology, 1981, University of California, Santa Barbara
Research interests: Distributive justice; Disability-Affirmative Therapy; models of disability; parents with disabilities; diversity training; case formulation, psychopathology, diagnosis, DSM & ICD; family therapy; cognitive behavior therapy and DBT

Randall Wyatt
Associate Professor & Director of Professional Training
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1989, California School of Professional Psychology, Alameda
Research interests: Creative arts and psychology; trauma and recovery; the interface of technology and psychology; child, family and society; spirituality and psychological well-being; cultural anthro-psychological approaches to diversity; clinical outcomes and the therapy relationship

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