Clinical Psychology (PhD) Los Angeles Faculty

Molly Gasbarrini
Associate Professor and Program Director, Los Angeles
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2013, Texas A&M University
Research interests: Couple therapy process and outcome; evidence based cross-cultural assessment; infidelity; treatment of military sexual trauma; individual and family effects of PTSD in military and veteran populations; training approaches and supervision for family/couple therapists

Susan J. Regas
Distinguished Professor
PhD, Marriage and Family Therapy, 1983, Purdue University
Research interests: Ronald McDonald House Family/Child and Couple clinical psychology internship; treatment of sex, intimacy and relationship problems; differentiation-based couple therapy; differentiation and sexual satisfaction assessment; couple therapy effectiveness; person of the therapist

Peter Theodore
Associate Professor and Associate Program Director; Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2005; University of Miami
Research interests: Intersection of substance abuse and HIV-related risk behaviors among gay and bisexual men (GBM); health disparities among LGBT persons; affirmative addictions treatment models; mental health issues among LGBT youth

Noah Hass-Cohen
Associate Professor
PsyD, Clinical Psychology, 2008, Phillips Graduate Institute
Research interests: Child and Adolescent treatment, art psychotherapy; attachment theory and clinical applications, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma, neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessment, dimensions in diversity teaching methodologies, and online learning.

Jennifer Hsia
Assistant Professor
PhD, Psychology, 2015, University of South Dakota
Research interests: impacts of biological, psychological, and cultural factors on physical and behavioral health; microaggressions on marginalized identities; substance use in marginalized groups.

Nicholas Noviello
Associate Professor
PhD, Psychology, 1985, University of California, Irvine
Research interests: Personality traits and emotional expressiveness, content analysis of speech and text, personal belief systems, well-being

Kristin Conover
Assistant Professor
PhD, Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology, 2015, University of California, Santa Barbara
Research interests: LGBTQ+ and physical disability populations; minority stress and health disparities; feminist and multicultural therapies

Ron E. F. Durán
Associate Professor; Fellow, Rockway Institute
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1994, University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: Group-based interventions for persons living with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions; collaboration with community-based agencies to improve health-related service delivery; the measurement of social and academic adjustment of non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students.

Michi Fu
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2002, California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
Research interests: Cross-cultural (Asian-American) mental health issues; sexual abuse and trauma of women and children; nonverbal therapies and female mental health issues; advocacy of diverse populations and mental health needs; sexually risky behaviors and prevention; personal adjustment.

James Garbanati
PhD, Developmental Psychobiology, 1980, University of Connecticut
Research interests: Interactions between health behavior and chronic disease conditions especially those influenced by cultural beliefs; interaction of psychological and biological factors on the response to or the experience of stress; political beliefs including international perspectives and health system attitudes; program evaluation of health and mental health agencies

Affiliated Faculty

Tracy L. Heller
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor
PhD, Clinical Psychology, 1994, University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; behavioral, social, and cognitive components of ADHD; multimodal treatments of ADHD.

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