Clinical Psychology (PhD) Los Angeles Faculty

Kristin Conover, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2015; University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
Research interests: LGBTQ+ and physical disability populations; relationship between minority stress and health disparities; feminist and multicultural therapies
Ron E. F. Duran, PhD, Associate Professor
PhD, 1994; University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: Group-based interventions for persons living with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions; collaboration with community-based agencies to improve health-related service delivery; the measurement of social and academic adjustment of non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students
Michi Fu, PhD, Professor
PhD, 2002; California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
Research interests: Cross-cultural (Asian-American) mental health issues; sexual abuse and trauma of women and children; nonverbal therapies and female mental health issues; advocacy of diverse populations and mental health needs; sexually risky behaviors and prevention; personal adjustment
James Garbanati
Professor, Los Angeles, Clinical PhD Program
PhD, Developmental Psychobiology, 1980, University of Connecticut
Research interests: Interactions between health behavior and chronic disease conditions especially those influenced by cultural beliefs; interaction of psychological and biological factors on the response to or the experience of stress; political beliefs including international perspectives and health system attitudes; program evaluation of health and mental health agencies
Molly Gasbarrini, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Program Director, Los Angeles, Clinical PhD Program
PhD, 2013; Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Couple therapy process and outcome; evidence based cross-cultural assessment; infidelity; treatment of military sexual trauma; individual and family effects of PTSD in military and veteran populations; training approaches and supervision for family/couple therapists
Jennifer Hsia, PhD, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2015; University of South Dakota
Research Interests: The intersection of biological, psychological, and cultural factors; intersectionality; substance use treatment considerations and development
Nicholas Noviello, PhD, Associate Professor
PhD, 1985; University of California, Irvine
Research interests: Personality traits and emotional expressiveness, content analysis of speech and text, personal belief systems, well-being
Susan J. Regas, PhD, Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1983; Purdue University
Research interests: Ronald McDonald House/FACE internship; sex, intimacy and relationship problems; differentiation-based couple therapy; differentiation and sexual satisfaction assessment; couple therapy effectiveness
Peter Theodore, PhD, Associated Program Director
PhD, 2005; University of Miami
Research interests: Intersection of substance abuse and HIV-related risk behaviors among gay and bisexual men (GBM); health disparities among LGBT persons; affirmative addictions treatment models; mental health issues among LGBT youth