Clinical Psychology (PhD) Fresno Faculty

Our program faculty are actively engaged in applied research and publishing exciting new work in their field, which improves professional services, influences policy and changes lives. This level of engagement provides our students with opportunities to become connected to their professional communities and gain valuable research and presentation experience—co-authoring papers with faculty, presenting posters and serving in leadership roles in student divisions of professional associations.

Clinical Psychology (PhD)

Adjunct Professor  |   Fresno Campus
Research Interests:

Parent-child relationship assessment; early childhood intervention program evaluation; qualitative research methods; LGBT families.

Professor & Academic Director  |   Fresno Campus
Research Interests:

Adult and child event memory (qualitative/quantitative paradigms); child development, including impact of abuse on development and attachment; cognitive models of trauma; applied psychology.

Professor  |   Fresno Campus
Research Interests:

Human systems, including individuals, personal contracts, events, groups, roles, communities, and settings; program evaluation; psychotherapy research; psychometrics; multivariate statistics; psychology taxonomy

Adjunct Faculty  |   Fresno Campus

Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Distinguished Professor  |   Fresno Campus
Research Interests:

Marschak Interation Method Rating System; child psychotherapy process; play therapy

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