Clinical Forensic Psychology Emphasis

Clinical psychologists become involved in forensic situations in a number of ways. Most often the term forensic is associated with work involving criminal populations. However, the field of forensic psychology also includes a number of clinical services provided to clients who have non-criminal contact with the legal system. These include divorce, custody mediation, worker’s compensation evaluations, disability evaluations, child abuse, adoption, and many others. The Clinical Forensic Emphasis in Fresno aims to prepare students to work with clients in these diverse situations. Click the following to learn more about Alliant’s Clinical Forensic Psychology program.

Ecosystemic Child Emphasis

The Ecosystemic Child Emphasis focuses on the integration of the biological, developmental, intrapsychic, systemic, sociocultural, and historical variables that must be taken into account when addressing a child or adolescent’s functioning in the world, at both the case conceptualization and the intervention levels. The Ecosystemic Child Emphasis has a close working relationship with the Association for Play Therapy (APT), an international organization that promotes play therapy training and clinical work. The CSPP clinical psychology programs in Fresno are usually able to offer all the coursework required by APT to become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). 

Health Psychology Emphasis

Students who complete the Health Psychology Emphasis are prepared to function in health care environments including hospices, hospitals and clinics, and to handle the psychological aspects of medical issues that arise in a general practice setting. Health psychologists also work with clients on prevention of illness. The Health Psychology Emphasis prepares students to work in this rapidly expanding specialty area. 


In addition to the primary emphases, the Fresno PhD program is committed to offering a broad array of elective courses reflecting theory, assessment, and intervention across a variety of systems, with a particular emphasis on multicultural and diversity issues to prepare students for professional practice in a pluralistic society.

CSPP Certificate Programs

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