Clinical Counseling Faculty

Cheryl Fisher
Co-Program Director and Assistant Professor
PhD,Counselor Education and Supervision, 2013, Loyola University Maryland
Research Interests: Meaning construction, spirituality and sexual expression in young couples with breast cancer; Clinical application of Nature Therapy; and Superhero therapy as narrative approach to identity formation and trauma recovery.

David Paul
Co-Program Directorand Assistant Professor
PhD, Counseling Education & Supervision, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy 2014, Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida
Research Interests: Trauma Informed Practices in Counseling, The Psychological effects or Sexual Harassment, Effects of Study Abroad Experiences on Graduate Counseling Students,Counseling Implications for an Inter-sectional Identity, Job Loss and Unemployment, Ethical Advising and Counseling Issues, Career Planning and Education, Effective Interviewing, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution & Bullying Prevention, Student Affairs and Higher Education,Developing and evaluating the curricula for degree programs in Counseling,Higher Education Leadership, Nursing, Biotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing and Health Sciences.

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