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Organizational Consulting Center (OCC)

Promoting Organizational Success

The Organizational Consulting Center (OCC) works with executives, managers, and human resources professionals to develop and implement strategic initiatives aimed at increasing organizational competitive advantage. These initiatives generally can involve efforts at the Individual, Team, and Organizational levels of the organization. Our training is unique in that our consultants are trained to address organizational needs at each of these levels. Long term growth, competitive advantage, and profitability can only be achieved through a collaborative effort between consultants and clients in developing and sustaining organizational excellence.

The OCC is a business unit of the California School of Professional Psychology and offers a setting for students to apply graduate level training to real-world business needs. Supported by the expertise of faculty, graduate students, and consulting affiliates, the OCC strives to enhance the effectiveness of organizations. Consultants at the Organizational Consulting Center have extensive training and experience in helping clients manage these complexities through solution-focused collaborative efforts. OCC consultants have experience in strategic planning and development; performance evaluation; program development; executive coaching; team building; alternative reward systems; organizational diagnosis; survey development, data analysis, and feedback. Additional efforts include job analysis, job classification, compensation, and organizational design for public agencies and private organizations.

The OCC uses practical research knowledge in organizational development to enhance organizational effectiveness through:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Action Planning
  • Follow Through

For more information on the OCC, contact Dr. Rebecca Turner, San Francisco Program Director.