The Bay Area Psychological Services Center was established in 1983 to provide clinical and assessment training to California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) students and to provide mental health services to the underserved in our local communities.

The PSC offers training to all levels of CSPP students from G1 through Doctoral Internship.  Training experiences are matched to year level and involve roles with increasing clinical and leadership responsibilities as levels advance.

Students provide direct services in individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducational groups, consultation, family/parent therapy, advocacy, and evaluation. The PSC provides these mental health services at Bay Area elementary, middle and high schools and provides psychological and neuropsychological assessment services for children and adults throughout the SF Bay Area.

Training occurs on the San Francisco campus of CSPP at Alliant International University.  We have a core staff of experienced, licensed psychologists who are passionate about high quality training.   Our Doctoral Internship is accredited by the American Psychological Association.


The Bay Area PSC is committed to ongoing dialogue and training opportunities specific to multi-cultural and other diversity issues.  Training topics include cultural and ethnic awareness, curiosity and humility sexual orientation, poverty, social justice and advocacy issues.  The populations served offer significant learning experiences with these and other areas of diversity.

Training Goals

  • To provide high quality training that adheres to the practitioner-scholar model
  • To develop skilled assessment specialists who can choose and correct assessment measures, and produce well written reports.
  • To develop practitioners who are culturally sensitive to all populations they serve.
  • To develop practitioners who integrate research and theory in clinical practice.
  • To develop practitioners who are ethical and adhere to all stage and national guidelines and laws related to clinical practice.
  • To develop practitioners who are curious and committed to life-long learning and professionalism.

How to Apply:

For PsyD I Practicum applications:  look for information from CSPP’s Office of Professional Training

For Practicum II-IV applications:  Visit the BAPIC website for instructions on how to apply.

For Internship applications:  Visit the APPIC website for instructions on how to apply.  Detailed information about the Internship Training Program can be found here.



Beth Roosa, PhD
510-628-9065, ext. 178