Your application process begins at the Apply Now page, where you can review Alliant’s Admissions Policies and Application Requirements, complete the online application form, and submit the supporting documents.

Application Requirements

Please see the links below, or in the navigation bar on the left, for the CSPP Application Requirements specific to each program.


How the Process Works

All completed applications are reviewed by an admissions committee in the program. Finalists are selected from that review and then interviewed. The programs prefer an in-person interview. Telephone interviews may be approved for those applicants for whom travel to an interview site is not feasible. The cost of travel and accommodations related to the interview is borne by the applicant. Interview formats may vary by program and campus. Some programs may require applicants to write a brief essay as part of the interview process.

Doctoral Respecialization

Applicants to the doctoral respecialization program in clinical psychology responsible for contacting the Board of Psychology or equivalent in the state in which psychology or other licensure shall be sought to be sure that their prior doctoral degree meets licensing requirements and to register with the Board so that training hours completed through Alliant International University can be counted toward postdoctoral hours required for licensure. If the Board deems the degree not to be psychological in nature, you must apply at the graduate level, requesting credit for previous graduate work, and obtain another doctoral degree.