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Center for the Development of the Leaders We Need

The purpose of the Center for the Development of the Leaders We Need is to identify and promote effective methods of developing organizational leadership, which make an ongoing contribution to the common good.

Initial research Questions have been formed at the nexus of leadership expert Michael Maccoby’s work on Strategic Intelligence and psychologist Elias Porter’s work on
Relationship Awareness Theory (Maccoby & Scudder, 2010). The Center approaches leadership from the understanding that leadership teams must consider context: the challenges facing the organization, and the values and attitudes of followers.

The Center provides an avenue for integrating the understanding of the current context with the necessary personality and strategic intelligence to help leaders maintain the ability to positively impact their teams, their organizations, and the world. The research and other services provided by the Center increase the likelihood that future leaders will serve the common good.

Although the Center is dedicated to the research and exploration of critical leadership questions, it also will provide leaders with measurable results that help to define the impact of current leadership development efforts.

To integrate different aspects of leadership such as productivity and creativity, adaptability and consistency, personality intelligence and strategic intelligence, leaders must recognize the values and motivations of each member of the community. At the same time, leaders must capture the emergent collective willingness of the community and challenge people to collaborate to serve the common good.

The Center investigates methods of developing leaders with the courage to navigate the challenges facing every aspect of society. Every organization, be it a corporation, government agency, hospital, university, school, church, or family, faces the anxiety of navigating the ever changing world and must develop leaders with the ability to interact productively and creatively.

The Center for the Development of the Leaders We Need is confident that the result of the Center’s effort, in partnership with scholars and practitioners throughout the world, will provide leaders with deep insight into how to develop the collective courage and will to make a positive and sustainable impact in the communities they are entrusted to lead.