California School of Professional Psychology

Educating Psychologists since 1969

Transforming Experience into Expertise, and Expertise into Leadership

As the demand for psychology professionals continues to rise (a projected 19 percent through 2024), so too, does the demand for qualified, accredited, hands-on, and multicultural-focused psychology schools in California.

For more than 45 years, the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University has responded to this demand by transforming over 16,000 students into working professionals. Our graduates are now making an impact in people’s lives through their professions as:

Continuing a Legacy of Excellence

Each year, hundreds of students join CSPP and hundreds more leave prepared, confident, and excited about their future in psychology. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Accredited

Longstanding APA and COAMFTE accreditations of our clinical psychology and marriage and family therapy programs, respectively, ensures students that their education is among the highest of California’s standards.

Our online master’s in marriage and family therapy program is designed to follow the COAMFTE-accredited curriculum of the on-ground program and is accredited by COAMFTE.

2. Emphasis Areas

A specialized world requires specialized individuals. CSPP offers hundreds of different combinations of degrees and emphasis areas, so every student has the ability to graduate with a specialized skill set. CSPP’s areas of emphasis include:

  • Child & Family Track
  • Child and Family Emphasis
  • Clinical Forensic Psychology Emphasis
  • Clinical Health Psychology Emphasis (CHP)
  • Ecosystemic Child Emphasis
  • Family/Child and Couple Emphasis (FACE)
  • Family/Child Psychology Emphasis
  • Forensic Family/Child Track
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Gender Studies and LGBT Psychology Emphasis
  • Health Psychology Emphasis
  • Health Track
  • Integrative Health Track
  • Integrative Psychology Emphasis
  • Multicultural and International Emphasis
  • Multicultural Community-Clinical Psychology Emphasis (MCCP)
  • Multi-Interest Option (Non-Emphasis) (MIO)
  • Psychodynamic Emphasis
  • Social Justice Psychology Track
  • Trauma, Stress, Resilience, Health Psychology

3. Online Offerings

Many of CSPP’s master’s programs are offered online, allowing for flexible, convenient schedules while maintaining the necessary on-ground practica CSPP is known for.

4. Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is a foundational feature and core commitment at CSPP. Whether it’s our Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Psychology programs’ multicultural competencies woven throughout the curriculum, multicultural specializations, or a certificate in LGBT Human Services and Mental Health, CSPP is committed to promoting diversity within our campuses and celebrating diversity throughout our programs.


In demographically diverse California, those skills include the ability to work with people from a variety of different backgrounds. In keeping with our mission-driven commitment to multiculturalism, CSPP founded the Multicultural Education, Research, Intervention and Training (MERIT) Institute in 1991, which takes its current form as the International-Multicultural Education, Research, Intervention and Training (I-MERIT) institute at Alliant.

I-MERIT’s goals are to enhance and support multicultural academic and training activities on Alliant campuses through collaboration and coordination, as well as to promote multicultural research, interventions, educational activities, and the professional development of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

6. Hands-On Experience

For more than 45 years, CSPP has established practicum opportunities with organizations across California. These relationships provide students invaluable opportunities to receive real-world experience in an environment relevant to their studies and future employment goals. We’ve partnered with organizations like:

  • Community mental health centers and clinics
  • Inpatient mental health facilities
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Medical settings
  • Residential treatment centers
  • Forensic/correctional facilities
  • Businesses
  • Research organizations
  • Governmental agencies
  • Integrated care sites
  • Veteran administrations
  • And more

7. Consulting Services

CSPP offers students the opportunity to provide consulting services to respected organizations, who’ve in the past included Goodwill, Disney, City of Hope National Medical Center, Ingenium Schools, and the City of Pasadena. These consulting opportunities provide CSPP students an advantage when entering the workforce.

8. Mentoring

Our small class sizes will allow you to get to know your professors as individuals. Under their mentorship, you will receive the support and personal attention needed to excel and become a professional even before graduation.

9. Community

CSPP is a service-oriented community. Our students provide over 1 million hours of service annually to their local communities, and our postdoctoral CSPP graduates provide an additional 450,000 hours of professional service in the United States in preparation for licensure.

10. You

The reason CSPP remains one of the top psychology colleges in California begins and ends with our amazing students. We are immensely proud to be represented by a talented and passionate community of diverse individuals who use their education and skills to better lives not only in California but throughout the world.

The CSPP Choice

For a psychology university to thrive for more than 45 years, it requires an undeniable commitment from our administrators, professors, and especially from our students. Choosing us for your higher education means choosing quality from start to finish. We are proud of CSPP’s tradition, but we are prouder of our students’ success and the work they are doing across our country for people.

The California School of Professional Psychology invites you to continue our legacy of impactful, professional practice, leadership, and service.

Contact an Alliant admissions counselor today to ask a question, discuss your current and future goals, or take the next step to begin your education at the California School of Professional Psychology.