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Our Master of Arts in Education in TESOL Degree Program is designed to help you break down the barriers that exist between people of different cultures and speakers of various languages. This program prepares you to teach English to speakers of other languages, incorporate technology into the language classroom, and examine the cross-cultural communication differences. Through this program, you can build bridges of communication and understanding to make a lasting impact.

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Program Highlights

Master’s in TESOL Job Opportunities

After graduating, you will be able to teach ESL/EFL to both children and adults, work in language program administration, and develop ESL/EFL textbooks and classroom materials. Note that a TESOL degree does not provide the credential to teach in the public K-12 education system.

Hands-On Experience

Study in a program that puts an  emphasis on hands-on training so that you’re armed with the tools you need to succeed as soon as you step off of our commencement stage. Reach the far corners of the world with a TESOL Master’s Degree from Alliant.

Accommodating Formats

Choose between a fully online program and on-campus evening classes on our San Diego campus for your degree. On-campus students choose from taking one or two courses per eight-week term, so that you can finish your degree on a schedule that best suits your life. Online students take one course per 8-week term.

Tips of the Trade: TESOL Classroom Aides

As a TESOL teacher, you can make your impact through enabling students to communicate, express and advocate for themselves. TESOL teachers give the gift of voice, and online resources complement classroom learning, so here are some of our favorite resources for TESOL learners.


TESOL learners of all ages will enjoy Lanternfish, which offers vocabulary flashcards, crossword puzzles, worksheets for young learners, vocabulary-boosting videos, quizzes, phonics, and even role-playing lessons to build interview and job search skills.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Here’s a resource for students and teachers. At Dave’s ESL Cafe, you can find TESOL jobs all over the globe, network with other teachers, and interact with English language learners. Your students will find comprehensive lessons plus student forums.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

You can have fun, prepare TESOL students for everyday life in America, and help learners master their conversation skills with audio lessons. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab provides audio clips and quizzes to reinforce comprehension. TESOL learners not only boost their English comprehension, they can better comprehend topics that are pertinent to their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that Adult Literacy and HS-Equivalency Diploma teachers—the umbrella under which TESOL falls—is set lose about 3,400 jobs nationally over the next 8 years. While this may seem like a lot, it represents only a less-than-5% drop in the national demand for TESOL teachers. There are several reasons for this, but the largest is due to a decline in enrollment in the applicable programs over the last several years, and, possibly, changes in government funding for these programs that may make them less accessible than they have been in the past.

Graduates of our MAE in TESOL degree program can expect to find a career teaching English to speakers of other languages  across all age ranges and the applicable settings—private language schools for children, adult education centers for adults,  community college language programs, and so on. They may also use this degree to enhance a pre-existing career in education to offer them a wider range of opportunity for employment in a setting where knowledge of TESOL may be preferred or even required.

Private and public scholarships can help you meet the cost of your education. Alliant International University is pleased to be able to offer a significant number of institutional scholarships to many of our students. Learn more about these scholarship opportunities at:

Additional Financial aid is available for those who qualify in the form of loans, grants, federal work study, and military aid. Learn more about your financial aid options here.

The TESOL Practicum Project is the final project you will complete during your time in the program. Similar to a thesis project, each student in the MAE in TESOL program will spend their final term (or two terms if they wish) working on a research project meant to serve as a capstone to their education. This course may be taken as a single, 3-unit course in the 10th and final term, or as two 1.5-credit courses across the 9th and 10th terms. Either option will result in a completed project to be presented at the end of that 10th term.

The MAE in TESOL degree program is an 8-week term program and is open for enrollment during each of those respective enrollment periods. You can find a copy of our 2018-2019 8-week term academic calendar here.

The TESOL Master’s degree is a 30-credit program. Online students require a minimum of 18 months to complete over 10 terms. On-campus students require a minimum of one year to complete the program.

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