Coursework for the California School of Education’s Master of Arts in Education with Teaching Emphasis program ensures that each candidate demonstrates the following skills, knowledge and leadership:

  • Design critical thinking lessons, programs and educational learning communities such that students are aware of critical thinking strategies and can articulate how they are thinking critically
  • Apply and advance teaching and learning theories, strategies and pedagogical methodologies to planning, classroom lessons and curricular design such that professional learning communities are established, supporting high stakes learning for all learners
  • Consistently apply and advance comprehensive, responsive and accountable assessment systems to professional learning communities to ensure and advance the action-driven monitoring and evaluating of student progress
  • Embed action research methods in professional practice as well as applying informed evaluation of professional literature to practice
  • Consistently integrate informed methods and practices of technology into professional learning communities and practice
  • Establish, support and ensure an inclusive and responsive school setting for all students, families and communities
  • Embed multicultural understanding and support, language literacy and sociological concepts into professional practice to create culturally responsive classroom in support of the diverse student population’s learning and advancement