Accelerate Your Teaching Credential While Earning a Salary

Alliant’s Early Completion Intern Teaching Option (ECO) allows you to earn your K-12 California Preliminary Single Subject or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in as few as eight months. The ECO program is an abbreviated version of the standard intern teaching path that requires candidates to secure a salaried teacher of record position at an approved K-12 school prior to being admitting to the program.

To qualify for the program, ECO candidates must successfully complete assessment examinations approved and mandated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) that allow 15 units of required coursework to be waived. Because the exams assume prior teaching experience, the ECO program is ideally designed for experienced classroom teachers who have not yet earned a Preliminary teaching credential.

Program Overview

The Early Completion Option is designed for individuals with prior teaching experience who already have the necessary skills and knowledge to become a teacher but still need to earn their Multiple or Single Subject California teaching credential. This alternative teacher preparation program allows students to bypass traditional preparation coursework and demonstrate their skills through a performance assessment. All coursework and assignments are completed online.

Under the Early Completion Option Intern Option, students assume immediate and full teaching and classroom management responsibilities. While working under the internship credential, students receive expert mentorship and support through a minimum of three classroom observations and coaching sessions conducted by a designated Alliant field supervisor each term.

Please note: In order to qualify for the Early Completion Option, students must have an offer of employment from a school district. Candidates are responsible for finding and securing an approved Intern Teaching position; private schools are not state-eligible to host intern teachers.

The Early Completion Option is available to students in the Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco Bay areas.

Admission and Application Requirements

When to Apply

Admission is granted every 8 weeks. We offer rolling admissions.

We encourage all prospective students to apply as early as possible to achieve the following: secure program position and desired start date; make sure all required testing may be completed in time; and receive full consideration for all possible scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Admission Requirements

  • Application
  • Admissions interview with program director
  • Two letters of recommendation from supervisors, academic instructors, volunteer coordinators or other professional and/or academic relationships
  • 2-4 page personal essay including autobiographical statement, professional aspirations, accomplishments and any relevant experience in teaching or working with children and adolescents, and/or within K-12 schools
  • Official undergraduate transcripts from a regionally-accredited university (degrees in progress are acceptable) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (GPA exemptions may be granted)
  • California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST®)
  • $65 application fee
  • International students: Please review Alliant’s additional admission requirements for international applicants

Early Completion Intern Teaching Option Requirements

In addition to the California School of Education’s general admission requirements, intern/ECO teaching credential candidates must comply with several additional requirements mandated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) before beginning any intern teaching position. These requirements are meant to both guarantee your own success in the classroom and students’ safety.

Please note that these are not requirements for entry into the preliminary teaching credential program – only to participate in the intern teaching portion of the program. Alliant staff will help guide you through meeting these requirements, which include:

  • CCTC Certificate of Clearance
  • US Constitution competency
  • Offer of Employment letter
  • Signed Statement of Release form
  • 120 hours of pre-service fulfilled through Alliant’s 6-week, online course offered each term. Students must be enrolled in Alliant’s credential program to enroll in Preservice.
  • For Multiple Subject candidates only: Verification of passing the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) for Multiple Subjects (all sub-tests) prior to beginning intern teaching position.
  • For Single Subject candidates only: Verification of passing the subject-matter-appropriate California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) or obtain a Single Subject matter equivalency letter from a CCTC-approved California University in their appropriate subject area prior to beginning intern teaching position.
  • Verification of passing the NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge (APK) in Elementary (Multiple Subject) or Secondary (Single Subject) – Use these links to review candidate study guides and other materials, as well as to register for the assessment.
  • Passing score on California Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) 1 – Candidates may make only one attempt to pass this exam. If a candidate does not pass, then the candidate must choose either the Standard Intern or Student Teaching options. Using this link, consult the Candidate Handbook, Chapter 3, Appendix B – “Subject-Specific Pedagogy” for instructions on how to complete the TPA1. Rubrics for evaluating the TPA1 are available under “Tasks and Rubrics” section of the same link. The TPA1 is subject-area specific, so please review requirements for your intended subject area. The TPA1 is submitted to Alliant (after a corresponding program application has been received) and is evaluated anonymously by an Alliant TPA reviewer.