Make an Impact in Your Community As a School Psychologist

The passionate mental health professionals educated in Alliant International University’s School Psychology and Educational Psychology degree programs make a positive impact in our schools all across California. Our Master’s of Arts in School Psychology, our PPS Credential, and our PsyD in Educational Psychology graduates use the skills and techniques learned in these programs are committed to helping students succeed throughout their educational experience.

Make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Begin or advance your career today with one of the following California school psychology programs:

Every student should have equal opportunity for success. This online hybrid program, embedded with the necessary PPS credential, is the next step toward committing your career toward enhancing students’ education and overall learning experience. This program is offered through our San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Irvine, and Fresno campuses.

Have a degree in a related mental health profession and looking to transfer to school psychology? Our online hybrid PPS credential program equips you with the necessary skills and practicum experience to become licensed and prepared for your career as a school psychologist in California. This program is offered through our San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Irvine, and Fresno campuses.

Your path to becoming a leader in the field of school psychology awaits in our online doctoral program. You will gain the necessary tools to conduct groundbreaking research, teach future school psychology students, and be a conduit of change within the field.

What to Expect as a School Psychologist

Obstacles can stunt a student’s potential, such as behavioral issues, learning disabilities, familial conflicts, and social interactions (like bullying). This specialized branch of psychology is focused on helping students reach their potential by proactively identifying these obstacles or reacting swiftly to individualized needs.

Each of the various responsibilities of a school psychologist serve an important role in affecting students’ educational careers for the better. These responsibilities may include:

  • Composing and analyzing psycho-educational evaluation reports
  • Establishing diagnostic plans for student evaluation
  • Developing and participating in student support teams
  • Meeting with parents and teachers to discuss assessment, diagnostic plans, and recommended individualized treatment or interventions
  • Helping improve holistic procedures and communication on the faculty level to improve students’ classroom experience

What to Expect as a School Psychologist Graduate with Alliant

Alliant’s California School of Education has graduated and helped place hundreds of school psychologists throughout California. As a student of our school psychology programs, you will benefit from:

  • Real-world experience. Put your newfound knowledge into practice in a variety of practicum opportunities throughout California’s school districts. Early practica will focus on learning the inner-workings of the school setting and observing classrooms; later practica will allow you to play a direct role in positively effecting young students’ lives while earning the necessary requirements toward your degree.
  • Multicultural focus. Every student deserves equal treatment. That’s why a heightened focus on multiculturism is engrained into every fiber of our degree programs . This helps school psychologists offer effective interventions and understanding to students with different cultural backgrounds from their own.
  •  Online coursework. For those with families and jobs, being a full-time student in a classroom is simply unrealistic. That’s why we offer much of our coursework online, making the opportunity of earning a PPS credential, master’s, or even PsyD in school psychology achievable.

To explore further, visit the links above to our individual school psychology programs in California or contact us for more information about this growing field of psychology.