Frequently Asked Questions – Educational Leadership and Management EdD Program

What is the difference between a PhD and an EdD?

A PhD program is traditionally more focused on research. An EdD program had traditionally been more focused on educational administration and scholarly practice. PhD programs tend to have more courses focused on theory and research methodology, whereas an EdD program typically offers more courses related to educational administration and professional practice.


What is the format of the courses?

The Educational Leadership and Management doctoral program is offered in a fully online format.


Are there emphasis areas or concentrations within the program?

Students are able to tailor their coursework and research to meet their specific needs and interests throughout the program. Some of these areas may include but are not limited to K-12 administration, university and community college leadership, urban education, and adult learners.

Can I work throughout the program?

Yes, this program is designed for working professionals.


What are some examples of dissertation projects that students are working on?

Impacts of Experiences and Attitudes of Online Learners

Succession Planning for Future Leaders in Higher Education

Use of Mentors for Women in a College Setting

The Impact of No Child Left Behind Act on Teacher Education

Does Age determine the Time to Completion of a Doctoral Degree?


I have a master’s degree that is not related to education. Can I apply for the EdD program?

We accept student’s with many different graduate degrees. Students should contact an Admissions Representative if their degree is not related to education to see if they qualify.