Curriculum Plan

Please note that there may be other requirements for completion or options for elective and specialized courses. Please see the academic catalog for the full curriculum. Course offerings and sequence are subject to change.

University Success
Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Biology Lab
Beginning Spanish 1 + 2
College Algebra
Composition 1 + 2
Introduction to Sociology
College Critical Thinking
Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry Lab
Intercultural Communication
U.S. History
Introduction to Psychology
Business Mathematics
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to the Arts
Introduction to Business Communications
Business Law
Financial Accounting
Advanced Business Communication
Principles of Economics
Principles of Finance
Managerial Accounting
Production and Operations Management
Overview of Management Practices
Principles of Marketing
Information and Technology Management
Research Methods
Project Management Essentials
Project Planning, Scheduling, and Staffing
Controlling Project Costs and Risks
Project Procurement Management
Project Management Leadership
Project Management Performance and Quality Assurance
Project Management Tools
Project Management Capstone
Project Management Practicum