This concentration teaches students technology-enabled management and streamlining of business operations and business decision making. SAP software forms the basis for learning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and an understanding of dynamism in managing efficiencies in all aspect of business operations from the supply chain to business process integration.

Students choosing the MBA concentration in Information & Technology Management take the following courses:

  •  IST 6320: Enterprise Business Process Integration
  •  IST 6454: Enterprise Systems Analysis and Project Management
  •  IST 6488: Enterprise Data Management and Business Intelligence
  •  IST 6499: Integrated Systems and Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises

SAP University Alliance

California School of Management & Leadership partners with SAP’s University Alliance to allow students to use and understand SAP products. Our faculty members are committed to ongoing faculty development to ensure that their SAP skills and knowledge stay current.

By successfully completing a program of study that includes a minimum of three courses supported by SAP® ERP, the students will earn SAP® University Alliance Recognition Award and become eligible to complete the TERP10 SAP Academy which offers an opportunity to be listed in SAP’s database of certified business professionals as SAP Certified Business Associates with SAP ERP.

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Training

SAP is the world’s largest enterprise resource planning system, used in more than half the world’s companies. Job candidates with SAP training not only have a competitive edge but also draw starting salaries of $5-10K over non-SAP-trained graduates with the same degree. (Source: Issues in Information Systems, Vol. V., No. 1, 2004).

According to estimates, as many as 40,000 SAP-knowledgeable graduates will be needed to meet global demand in the next two years. California School of Management & Leadership has incorporated SAP software into multiple business graduate programs and is the only business school in the San Diego area with SAP training built right in.