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Established in 2001, the GlobalMind Center for Strategic Consulting is a center of California School of Management & Leadership in San Diego.  GlobalMind offers consulting services based on expertise in strategic management and information systems technology. Drs. Louise Kelly and Rachna Kumar co-founded the center and continue to serve as its co-directors.

Along with a network of globally located faculty, graduate students and consulting affiliates, we are able to provide cutting-edge and personalized interventions to develop your top management team (TMT) and your information system (IS) capability. We excel in the areas of TMT and IS assessments, using validated surveys based on academic research.

Recent GlobalMind Activities:

  • CMMI workshop
  • Partnership with Center for Sustainable Global Sourcing (CFSGS) and launches a roundtable series
  • Leadership training at Somali Family Services (SFS)
  • Top management training ownership agreement and atrategy, at Breick Construction

Professional Services for Business

GlobalMind is a collaborative effort that brings our clients the collective expertise and skills of faculty, graduate students, consulting affiliates, and subject experts.  Some of the professional service areas GlobalMind excels in are:

  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Team building and development
  • Leadership development
  • Business plan preparation and review
  • Software process improvement training
  • Technology skills transfer designs for diverse populations and cultures
  • Ecommerce and internet launch plan and strategy
  • Technology portfolio assessment
  • Cultural sensitivity guides for country specific business entry
  • Women entrepreneurship training

Consulting Team

Our team of GlobalMind experts has over 30 years of experience in consulting and executive positions with small, medium and large organizations from the public and private sectors.

Dr. Louise Kelly is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Alliant. She teaches on the MBA, DBA and PhD in Leadership, and has published widely in the area of top management teams in organizations and has consulted for many firms in in the US, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam and Guatemala.

Dr. Rachna Kumar is Professor of Information Systems and Program Director for the San Diego MBA at Alliant.  She has published extensively in the area of information technology, software and Internet strategies. She has consulted for firms in New York, Philadelphia, Bay area, and India.

Our Partners and Affiliates

GlobalMind is affiliated with the Center for Sustainable Global Sourcing (CFSGS).  The CFSGS center specializes in researching and consulting to make the benefits of global sourcing sustainable over time for US organizations, people and society.

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