Alliant International University is committed to diversity and inclusion of a diverse student body.

The Office of Accessibility provides students with disabilities with reasonable accommodations and services to assist them in accessing the curriculum and school environment. Students with either permanent or temporary disabilities may be eligible for a variety of support services.

Decisions regarding the exact accommodations to be provided are made on an individual basis by the coordinator of the Office of Accessibility at each campus. Accommodations are determined based on documentation, student collaboration, and essential functions of the curriculum. Students requesting accommodations must provide verification of disability at least three weeks before the accommodation is needed. Some services or accommodations require considerable review of student’s documentation of a disability; therefore it is important for students to plan ahead.

How to Receive an Accommodation

Students requesting accommodations should fill out their campus’ accommodation form and submit it to the Office of Accessibility coordinator at their campus. Accommodations are usually arranged with the coordinator on each campus through a review of documentation, consideration of the request, and meeting with the student.

Accommodation Policies

Accommodation Forms

Forms for Documenting Disability

Please contact the coordinator for the Office of Accessibility at your Alliant location for further information:

Cheri Cruz
Phone: (559) 253-2308
Nicole Camaras
Phone: (949) 812-7464
Los Angeles
Celia Lopez, MA
Phone: (626) 270-3311
San Diego
Adam Kasarda
Phone: 858-635-4471
Kimberly Gardner
Phone: 916-561-3224
San Francisco – Beach Street
Angela Dickson
Phone: (415) 955-2134

Accommodation Policy

Students requesting accommodation must provide verification of disability at least three weeks before the start of classes since some services require considerable advance planning and coordination.

It is the responsibility of each student to provide a comprehensive evaluation, verifying the disabling condition and resulting limitations. Documentation must validate the need for accommodations based on the individuals’ current level of functioning. The documentation must be from a professional qualified to diagnose and treat the disability.

The professional must indicate recommended learning and/or physical accommodations necessary to assist the disability. It is the student’s responsibility to provide or pay for the cost of this documentation. In addition to a description of the disability and objective evidence of a substantial limitation, the professional must include a rationale for the specific accommodation that is supported by the documentation.

After consultation with the coordinator of the Office of Accessibility, students may be requested to submit additional documentation that will assist in clarifying the most appropriate level of service. Formal appeal of a decision reached by the coordinator of the Office of Accessibility must be made to the Appeal Board.

Once completed, the Appeals Form – (PDF) should be submitted to the Systemwide Director of the Office of Accessibility. Once an appeal is submitted, the Appeal Board has ten calendar days to review the case. The Appeal Board will review all documentation submitted in writing by the student. The Appeal Board may reject, amend or modify the action by the coordinator of the Office of Accessibility by a majority vote. Once a decision has been made, the Appeal Board has five working days to notify the student of the final outcome.

What students with disabilities at Alliant International University need to know about Student Services:

Q. What if I have additional expenses (i.e. medication, equipment, etc.) that is related to my disability? How can I have this factored into my financial aid award?

A. Students with Disabilities use the same forms as other students when applying for financial aid. There is a line on these forms that asks for medical expenses. There is no need for an additional forms (as in past years).

Q. I have difficulty using the Financial Aid forms. Is there a service that could help me?

A. Students can call or make an appointment with the Coordinator of the Office of Accessibility at your Alliant location for assistance. Contact information for your campus is below:

Fresno Cheri Cruz 559-253-2308
Irvine Nicole Camaras 949-812-7464
Los Angeles Celia Lopez 626-270-3311
Sacramento Kimberly Gardner 916-561-3224
San Diego Adam Kasarda 858-635-4471
San Francisco Nereira Greene 415-955-2134
San Francisco Law School Pat Alley 415-626-5550

Additionally, the US Department of Education offers services for individuals with print based and hearing disabilities. The Department of Education TTY number is 1-800-730-8913. Students needing assistance filling out their application can contact the Department of Education directly.

Q. How will the support I receive from Department of Rehabilitation (DR) impact my financial aid and account balance?

A. Students must notify the financial aid office that they are receiving vocational rehabilitation funds so that they may be placed on the award screen and included as part of their resources against their cost of attendance. Quite often the business office finds out after the funds have come in and then need to return financial aid to the lender. A letter from the Department of Rehabilitation or the student would be fine as long as Alliant International University is able to determine the amount that the student will be receiving for the terms of enrollment.

Students who are guaranteed to receive Department of Rehabilitation funding should provide the Student Business Services Office with an Authorization for Services as soon as possible. The university will abide by the special instructions on the document and refund any amount over the authorized amount that is due the student should they apply and receive additional financial aid.